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Throwback whateverday: A doodle of a young Nevets arrested for car surfing

Here's an oldie. And a true story. From my much younger and drunker years.

We'd just finished visiting a friend who worked at a gas station (this was sometime in the AM, I want to say, as believe we were trying to convince him to sell us beer after hours). The event in the drawing occurred almost immediately once we got back on the road after leaving.

It seems like I was only on top of the vehicle for a few moments before the fuzz appeared behind us. It's hard to tell, seeing as I was very intoxicated and all. They pulled us over, got me off the car, and smashed all the booze on the side of the street (which I remember being very disappointing).

They ended up only getting me for being drunk in public (luckily they didn't catch sight of the avalanche of candy I'd just shoplifted; not sure of the severity in which they penalize something like that). Seems like I heard the driver got a DUI. I'm not sure, though. I didn't really know the guy. I kept calling him Tony Soprano all night because he was big and looked Italian. Whoever that guy was, I guess I owe him a big apology, as this was obviously all my fault.

Anywho, I doodled this after I was released from jail the following day.

Mel Gibson rumored to directed Suicide Squad sequel? doesn't approve—and I disapprove their disapproval

Mel Gibson, The Suicide Squad, and Nerdist writer, Kyle Anderson, looking on in horror.
When I first signed up on (so that I could make comments to their articles), they made a big to-do about how we should only be positive if we were going to leave a comment at the bottom of their posts. Supposedly, the folks at Nerdist are all about keeping people nice and kindhearted, especially when it comes to moderating what people say in response to their articles. Yet, when it comes to condemning a celebrity on their past, they're apparently just as cold and unforgiving as everyone else nowadays.

The IMDb Message Boards are shutting down — and it makes me a sad monkey

After 16 years, the Internet Movie Database claims that its message boards are ‘no longer providing a positive, useful experience’ for the users
Mancunian Colin Needham, creator of the internet movie database

Atheist Characters List: UPDATE! Peter Russo from 'House of Cards' (video included)

Just in time for the 2017 presidential inauguration of the real-life Biff Tannen, here's a new politically-related addition to the ever growing list of Atheist and Agnostic Characters on Film and TV