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What the hell is this place?

I'm just a guy. A guy named Nevets. This website (or blog? I dunno) consists of a random collection of things I've either written, drawn, recorded, or am simply interested in at any particular moment. I can't promise to upkeep the place, there's no particular niche to be found, no profitable business model or SEO present, and no especial attempt to appease or appeal to any one group, fan base, or audience specifically. I just needed an outlet for various forms of expression, verbal ventilation, and a validation that I exist. That being said, I'll still toss in the occasional ad here and there or write the occasional sellout/clickbaity article because, well, I'm broke and any extra bit helps. For the most part, however, I'm just trying to keep myself amused. So, um... hope you enjoy?

Nevets Plays Asemblance - Part 01 | Look Closer [BLIND]

Today we begin playing Asemblance for the very first time. This is (from what I can tell) a first-person, sci-fi/mystery exploration game involving holodecks, memories, a smartass computer, and a lot of big, technical terms that I can't pronounce.