Crap to Watch on Netflix | Variety is the Spice of Life!

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Many have tried debating with me on this, but I still hold firmly to my belief that, aside from antiseptics, online movie streaming is by far the greatest invention that our measly little species has ever came up with. It's fast, easy to use, and if you have a subscription to a service such as Netflix, you literally have access to thousands of movies and TV shows, available for you to watch at anytime, anywhere. All for less than 10 bucks a month! I mean, c'mon. How cool is that? The only thing with Netflix, though, is that with so many choices to chose from, it can often become hard to pick just one thing to watch. This is our precious time we're talking about here, ya know? We can't spend it watching just anything.
This is why The Gutter Monkey is here to help! Putting all of my cinephilia into play, I've gone through and narrowed down your endless choices to only a small handful of 5 top-notch films that I'm sure you'll love (well, I think you will, at least). And since I know you've probably already seen Forrest Gump and The Avengers, or at least you already know they're there, I'm also going to try and stick only to the lesser known gems that you may more easily overlook when scouring the depths of the Flix... click here to read more