New trailer for Black Mass: Is Depp finally back to making good movies?

After a long string insufferable shittiness — that began somewhere around the time he started making bank with those Pirates of the Caribbean movies — it looks like Johnny Depp MIGHT (hopefully) be getting back to his roots; staring in a movie that actually looks halfway descent. Perhaps maybe even good. At least, that's judging from the look of this new trailer for his upcoming film about the notorious mobster Whitey Bulger.

The movie's called Black Mass and it's directed by that guy who did Out of the Furnace. Overlooking the fact that it sounds like a sequel to Precious, it looks like a nice stroll back to form for ole Depp. Just like in his best movies of the past, he's once again doing a true story, donning a cool accent, makeup'd beyond all recognition (in a non-cartoony way), and working with a director who's actually good — and, for once, not Tim Burton. (What the hell happened to Burton anyway? He used to be beautiful, man.)

After the mediocre sci-fi flick Transcendence, the unbearable The Lone Ranger, the massive letdown known as The Rum DiaryThe Tourist, Mortdecai, and a long, stinky trail of awful Tim Burton movies, lets hope Black Mass brings back the Depp we all knew and loved from his heyday. He's far too young (even at 50) to go down the road De Niro did.