Pulp Fiction Questions and Answers | A Q&A

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My very first non-myspace post/article on the ol' interwebs, this was originally written too long ago for my years of alcoholism to allow me to remember. Thus, the year it was made shall forever remain a mystery. But I gotta say, it's been a survivor.

After I neglected to renew my domain and webhosting service for my old, embarassingly amateur guttermonkey.com website — which is now owned and operated by a gutter cleaning company or some such nonsense — the page was eventually moved over to Squidoo.com, where it became my first article for them. Eventually Squidoo also went out of business, though, resulting in this page being moved over to Hubpages.com, where it was for some reason locked and made un-publishable. Confused and incapable of getting Hubpages to do anything to fix this error, and refusing to allow my hard work to go unseen, I copypasta'd everything I'd written and posted it back under the same name and url, making it my first article for Hubpages as well. Which is where the page now still currently resides. So, in keeping with tradition, it seemed only appropriate to once again make this my debut post for this new, poorly thought-out website.

The article itself was made at a time when I was still very young and abnormally obsessed with everything having to do with the film Pulp Fiction. I was basically your stereotypical, obnoxious fanboy, who — like many fanboys who annoyed before and continued to annoy after — thought that director Quentin Tarantino was a golden movie god, incapable of doing any wrong. This ridiculously motivated passion and hero-worshiping led to an ungodly amount of of research and study which eventually resulting in the construction of this article, which I'd designed to answer every question people have about the movie Pulp Fiction. Putting my personal cringe-worthy, fanboyism aside, the actual information presented in the article is solid. So let's hope others (perhaps other little budding film buffs and fan boys and girls out there?) find it useful.