The Top 20 Scariest TV Anthology Series

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Good evening, boils and ghouls! Gather 'round, will you? Take a look outside. See how the leaves have fallen? How the pumpkins have been carved? How everyone's suddenly become weirdly cool with children accepting candy from strangers? No, this isn't The Twilight Zone... It's All Hallows' Eve, upon us at last!
This year on our top list of scary things to watch, we're going to take the focus off from the movies (who always hog all the glory this time of year) and, instead, focus only on the top scares of TV. Not just any boob-tube scares, though, mind you, but rather TV's most successful medium for telling tales of terror and suspense: the anthology series'.
For those poor souls not already in-the-know, an anthology series is one which presents us with a different story and a different set of characters with each new episode (or, in special circumstances, with each new season). Where each episode, in a sense, is its very own self-contained short story. Oh, sure, occasionally you'll have a host (sometimes even a rotting, decomposing host) that will introduce and conclude each episode, but that's about it as far as reoccurring characters go. This means you'll find no serialized series such as The Walking Dead, Kolchak, or Dark Shadows here, horror fans. Sorry. We still love them too... They just don't fill the bill for what we're looking for at this time.
The decision to stick only to anthologies was due to the simple fact that when you take a good, hard look at all the greatest scary TV shows throughout history, it's the anthologies that always have a tendency to dominate the whole list! Why? Who the hell knows. They just do. So, since they're clearly the best of the best, the conclusion was clear: give them the limelight. And that's just what we've done.
So turn off the lights, lock the doors, tell the trick-or-treaters to screw off, and sit back and relax. Here are the Top 20 Scariest TV Anthologies. click here to read the full list