The Top 20 Awkward Dinner Table Moments in the Movies

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From having a roof over our heads, to a turkey on our tables, an ipod in our pockets and a new season of The Big Bang Theory on our TV sets, there's most certainly a lot for each of us to be thankful for during this upcoming Thanksgiving Day. Yet there's still that one dreaded ritual which the pilgrims never warned us the true horrors of: the annual family dinners. Shudder.
This tradition, friends and neighbors, is the reason that eggnog is made with a pinch of something a little warmer than love. But it may be wise to remember that no matter how bad you think you got it, somebody always has it worse. And with the list compiled below, we have some of the worst, most awkward, uncomfortable and downright frightening dinner table moments ever to be put on film to help you better put your own life in perspective and to remind you that as bad as things may seem, at least you're not these guys. That's one grace we can all be thankful for... click here to read more