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Remember the good ol' days when the Music Television network was a network for music on television? How about when The Learning Channel taught us something other than what it's like to be a little person in a big world, or the trials and tribulations of raising a gazillion kids? And since when did UFO myths and the hectic lives of Ice Road Truckers become historical milestones worthy of The History Channel? Suffice it to say, it's pretty clear that somewhere along the line TV lost it's way... click here to read more...

Here's an article that got absolutely no play. And maybe rightly so (I dunno). Nevertheless, I still think the general point I was trying to get across holds relevant. Then again, I would think that... I wrote it.

I believe the article came about around the time I began re-watching some old Mysteries and Scandals episodes on Youtube. God, I miss that crap. I remember coming home from school every day, catching episodes of that and E! True Hollywood Story, and becoming enthralled by the true (and oftentimes creepy) tales having to do with classic Hollywood and before-my-time celebrities. It's on these shows where I first learned about the classic scandals and "curses" surrounding movies and TV shows like Poltergeist, The Little Rascals, and the cast of Rebel Without a Cause. It's also where I first became aware of old-time celebrities and famous people like Fatty Arbuckle, George Reeves, The Black Dahlia, Bela Lugosi, John Holmes and tons of others. At some point, though, Mysteries and Scandals completely disappeared and E! True Hollywood Story became a shallow biography series that focused only on current "hot" celebrities and included mind-numbing episodes about the secret lives of "Rapper Wives" and other such drivel; obviously designed to attract a larger spectrum of idiot viewers.

Without those shows (and TV like the early Nick at Nite lineups or old History Channel programming) there's a whole cornucopia of culture and history that I would more than likely have never been exposed to. Which worried me, because I'm aware that now'a days these types of shows no longer air. Meaning that this generation, and those to follow, is going to be completely oblivious to a lot of cool information and entertainment, unless they go out of their way to find it themselves. Thus, this page was born.

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