New Batman Arkham City gameplay trailer | Goodbye money! I'll miss you, my love

I'm becoming more positive, with each passing day, that the world revolves around me and my interests. Seriously, right off the heels of me finishing up the previous three Arkham games (platinuming two of them, because I'm widely known as being 2/3's awesome), re-watching Batman The Animated Series, and my first time watching the animated adaptation of Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns (which I contend is the greatest Batman movie ever), here comes two Batman films and this bombass 4th game in the Arkham series: Batman: Arkham Knight. Honestly, some coincidences are too serendipitous to ignore. The universe is clearly maneuvering in such a way to fit my personal tastes.

As for the rest of humanity; you're welcome.

My thoughts on this new gameplay trailer? Frankly, it looks to be nothing more than the same stuff we've seen from all of the past Arkham games — with just a little more polish and a new Grand Theft Auto-esque way to get around Gotham, when needed. Since the previous games were awesome, this can only mean that this new game will be a prettier awesome with a Batmobile thrown in for good measure. In short: the universe has come through for me splendidly. Thanks universe. You're swell.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to release on June 23, 2015.