Oh, look! Pitchfork.com is outraged over the LAPD's heightened security at 'Straight Outta Compton' screenings (Breakdown)

Oy vey. Will the racist finger-pointing ever end?!

On August 14th, the police in Los Angeles decided to tighten up security ahead of the release of the N.W.A. biopic, Straight Outta Compton. In response to all of this hoopla, the usual yells and screams of the LAPD being racists who only single out black movies has inevitably begun.

One particularly aggressive article was from Pitchfork.com (appropriate enough name, as that's what mobs carry around during their witch hunts). And it really went to town on the shaming of these supposed badge-wielding bigots.

Whadda ya say we break their article down and get a deeper look at yet another example of our overly sensitive cultures attempts to cry racism? C'mon. It'll be fun.

Op-Ed:Why are the LAPD Threatened by a Great Rap Biopic?
By Jonny Coleman, August 14, 2015 at 4:45 p.m. EDT
Seriously? Why are the LAPD beefing up security at private movie theaters? Do they think the F. Gary Gray-directed biopic Straight Outta Compton is so good that it'll make otherwise civilized Angelenos turn homicidal?
This invalid point is somewhat reminiscent of the age-old "she juss doin' dis cuz she jealous!" argument.

Granted, though, the LAPD beefing up security during a movie about the NWA does sound bad. I mean, these guys were all about calling out racist police (the LAPD in particular), so, sure, this does seem a bit on the nose. Although, it may be unreasonable to assume that their fear of the movie being "too good" would be their reasoning for heightening security.

If that's the case, then why wasn't extra police presence requested for biopics like The Imitation Game or Theory of Everything?
Oh, come on now. The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything? Those are clearly poor comparisons here. Why not use Django Unchained. Or something, you know, at all related to violence? This has direct references to LA gangs, the band wrote the theme song for aggressively standing up against the fuzz, and the film is bound to attract a young, rebellious audience (especially those associated with LA gangs). Yeah, the beefed up security may seem extreme, but surely you could understand the reasoning for it occurring for this particular movie as oppose to The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything, right?

Probably because those precious biopics about precious white men were not well executed and didn't have that whole likelihood of inciting riots thing, which is what the cops are thinking, right? Or are they just intimidated by a mainstream film made by and for audiences of color, which is so rare that it's treated like a terrorist plot?
You didn't like the Stephen Hawking and Alan Turing biopics? Those were two awesome guys! Them being white is only a bonus (kidding, kidding!). And they sure did a heck of a lot more for the world than NWA ever did (sorry NWA, this child of the 90's still loves you). Heck, those are movies about scientists. Between movies about world-altering great minds and ones about musicians, the former is the one that's rare. Hardly feasible that they'd stir up a ruckus in gang communities though. Could pee-off The West Bureau Baptist Church perhaps...

The cops are probably not stoked on the fact that the film portrays the LAPD as the racist murderers that they are.
I wouldn't imagine anyone would want to be portrayed that way (not even those rappers who sing so proudly about poppin caps, slappin' ho's, and dealin' drugs). Also, is anyone catching the irony of lambasting an entire group because of a few notable bad apples within said group? I never got along well with the police either, but it may be a bit hasty (not to mention dangerous) to accuse them all as being murderous racists. Where's the political correctness here?

The police should really be investigating who Harvey Weinstein has killed to get Oscars for films like Imitation Game.
The heck is your beef against Alan Turing anyways? Ya homophobic or something? Nevertheless, yes, Harvey Weinstein probably has killed troves of people. No one doubts that. But that's an unrelated issue.

This week marks the 50 year anniversary of the Watts riots, so the LAPD brass think that rioters are like magazine editors that only operate on round number anniversaries.
The what riots? (Heh) Seriously though, get with the times.

But can the LAPD afford these special details at the movies when they are spending all of our taxpayer money on lawsuits for police brutality (and murder) like thisthisthisthisthis, and especially this.
I'm going to go ahead and do like the rest of the world and not bother reading each of those links. I'm too lazy to take a gander at each news report and, frankly, find it easier just to believe whatever I hear, only focusing my attention on what I can make fit my already biased agendas in concern to various cultural issues. And then continue my world-view from there. You feel me, right?

In 2015, the LAPD have shot 25 people and killed 13. Yet there have been no acts of gun violence by black movie theater patrons in Los Angeles in the same year. You do the math.
Hmm, carry the two, multiply by five... okay, got it.

LAPD = Slow to think, quick to react, like scared children with guns. And probably not well-trained.

With that being said, why does it have to be a matter about black movie theaters? In movie theaters in general, there was a shooting just last month that was all over the news! Couldn't this just be a precaution against something they fear may get LA gangs riled up? Likely an overreaction, but hardly a jab at black people. Must everything be due to skin color? Who's the racist here anyways?

Maybe the beefed up police presence is all a reaction to the Trainwreck and other high profile violent incidents at movie theaters, all perpetrated by psychopathic white American males.
It almost certainly is a reaction to the recent high profile violent incidences at theaters. Massacres happen (the Trainwreck one from last month, in particular), those massacres stick in peoples minds, and now that it's on police radars they decide to beef up security at the movies. Incapable of doing it for all movies, of course, they instead put focus on films that a lot will undoubtedly be at that could feasibly incite aggression in people (i.e., Straight Outta Compton). All of this sounds very probable. All of this sounds reactionary. None of this soundss like racism.

Fuck racist policing strategies. Go see this movie.
You're a moron. But I agree, the movie looks like a winner. Most think it looks like a winner. No one is saying not to see it. In fact, let's all watch it together in peace and harmony.


According the the po-po, since the film depicts gang violence that plagued South Los Angeles in the 1980s, the LAPD worry the onscreen violence may bleed into real life when LA movie-goers see the film. Mixed in with last months highly publicize shooting during the film Trainwreck, concerns have been clearly hightened.

"Maybe different factions or youngsters from different gangs will show up at the same theater at the same time and that's always a bad recipe," LAPD spokesman Andy Smith said. "We've seen violence across the country at different movie theaters. Obviously, that's a concern for us in Los Angeles. We don't have any expectations that something's going to happen here, but we want to be prepared."
The LAPD will not be staffing with extra officers, but redeploying officers to patrol the theaters that are screening the movie.

As for those who still perceive this move as racist, you are dummies. If anything, it's yet another instance of people freaking out and getting overly cautious after a tragedy has occurred. Not every bowl movement is the result of racism, you silly billies.