Chris Farley’s test footage for Shrek “leaked” online

Did you know that the original Shrek was meant to be played by none other than the somewhat-Shrek-looking Chris Farley? Yeah, I’ve heard about it too. But did you also know that the footage exists online today and that you can watch it?! Me either! Here it is though…

With the new Chris Farely documentary, I Am Chris Farley, premiering Monday on Spike, it looks like some savvy PR person has found a good way to drum up promotion for the film on the interwebs by leaking this footage onto Reddit and other places, along with the sketchy accompanying artwork.

According to Farley’s brother, the actor had recorded almost all of his lines for the movie before his death in 1997. But due to Dreamworks desire to turn the film into a franchise with copious sequels and spinoffs, Farley eventually had to be replaced last minute by the much more Scottish-sounding Shrek we all know and love today, played by Mike Myers.

Wait a minute. If the film came out in 2001 and Farley died in 1997 — holy schnikes! It takes a damn long time to make a Dreamworks movie, doesn't it? That's an entire term in high school!

I Am Chris Farley airs August 10th at 9PM ET on Spike.