Two deleted scenes from 'The Shawshank Redemption' that are way cool (VHS style)

Word is, I'm a man who knows how to get things. And, well, here's a thing I got.

While perusing Youtube — falling through that mysterious rabbit hole of random recommended videos — I stumbled across this gem that someone had uploaded from their VHS recording of a Showtime special that was shown in conjunction with a 1995 airing of The Shawshank Redemption. It shows two totally cool deleted scenes from the movie that were removed because they disrupted the smooth flow of the film. Along with the scenes, there's also interview clips with director Frank Darabont and actors Morgan Freeman and Tim Robins, who talk about the making of the film, the deleted scenes, and the differences from the Stephen King novella it was based on. Check the video out here (deleted scene one starts at 2:11, scene two starts at 7:32):

Scene 1

The first deleted scene is taken from the end of the film, after Red is released from prison and working at a supermarket. The scene is basically an elongated version of the one we got in the final film, which harks back to the Brookes scene, where we get an even closer look at how hard it is to adjust to life on the outside after being locked up for so many years. It's actually a very poignant scene (a little movie within a movie, as Darabont put it) which includes Reds shock at seeing women of the 60's generation walking around without brassieres (and shock at seeing women at all, for that matter, as he'd almost forgotten that half of the human race was composed of them), a panic attack the institutionalized ex-con has at work (where he as to run to a bathroom stall to feel the familiar comfort of closed-in walls), and even a soundtrack addition of Season of the Witch by Donovan.

Scene 2

The second scene is obviously more of a throwaway, but it is fun. It takes place directly after the warden discovers Andy's hole (ahem) behind that big goddamn poster. A young prison guard is sent into the hole to check things out and see if Andy is still in there, or where he's gone to. After wiggling his way in there, though, the guard begins to get a whiff of that river of shit Andy had to crawl through and understandably begins to gag and vomit so loudly that the whole cell block could hear. Red, listening from his own cell, then begins to laugh like a lunatic for an entire minute, at the knowledge that his friend had gotten away (and was the cause of this screw losing his lunch). The scene ends with Red getting time in solitary for his laughing fit.

Like the movie? Check out the book!

Well, technically it's a novella featured in the book Different Seasons, which also contains 3 other Stephen King novellas. Included in those stories is none other than The Body, by the way; or as you may better know it (in movie-form), Stand by Me. What? You thought Stephen King only did horror?

In all honesty, I think Darabonts film is a lot better than the story it was based on ("a movie better than the book it was based on! heresy!" yeah, yeah — shut up). This isn't to say it's not a good story (it is, and you should definitely purchase it from my not-so-subtle affiliate link), but, in my humble-bumble opinion, it somehow doesn't carry with it the same gravitas as the movie adaptation did.

Perhaps if it were a full novel instead of just a 90 or so page story. Shrug. I don't know. It's still good. Just not the classic that the film is.