Mr. Show with Bob & David is back! (sort of) And on Netflix!

Yes, you heard right, folks. And if you weren't like me, and back off the wagon in April, you probably heard it then first. Because that's apparently when it was first announced that HBO's beloved little sketch comedy show, Mr. Show with Bob & David, was coming back — for all intents and purposes, at least (the "Mr. Show" part is now gone from the title). This time, to Netflix, with the shortened (surely for legal purposes) title of With Bob & David. In typical Netflix fashion, all episodes will be posted at once on November 13th for our binge-watching pleasure. A trailer for the new series is available below:

The show will sadly only consist of four half-hour episodes plus an hourlong making-of special. Bob Odenkirk (now of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad fame) has stated that while the show shares the same writing team as Mr. Show, that it will not share the same structure. He described it as "lighter", "less complex" and "faster". Three things that don't sound all to appealing, if we're being honest, but screw it. Bob and David are back! Nothing else matters.

If for some reason you're completely unfamiliar with Mr. Show with Bob & David, don't feel bad. It was a little-known sketch show on HBO in the 90's with a terrible time-slot, so it may have either been before your time or beyond what you could afford on your cable bill, or, hell, just something you never happened to stumble across (it happens).

Luckily, though, the complete DVD collection is available now on Amazon. So be sure to check that shit out. It's dark, bizarre, surprisingly smart, and it even includes actors and comedians such as Jack Black, Sarah Silverman and Brian Posehn in some of their earliest on-screen roles. That along with Saul from Breaking Bad and Tobias from Arrested Development, how could you go wrong?