A-Hole of the Day | Ted Cruz gets global warming all wrong at a senate subcommittee hearing

On a Senate subcommittee hearing about government regulation on Tuesday, presidential candidate and right-wing stereotype extraordinaire, Ted Cruz, proceeded to grill the president of the Sierra Club (an environmental organization), Aaron Mair, about the reality of climate change. Unsurprisingly, Cruz got his facts all wrong, persistently presenting misinformation in his determined efforts to discredit the well-established science of climate change. Check below for the video (and try to overlook the title):

You thinking what I'm thinking? Aaron Mair really didn't appear to do too good of a job at delivering left-hooks of truth into Cruz's smug face. Why this is, I don't know, as there's plenty to call Cruz out on here. Honestly, the guy appears to be the very poster child for scientific illiteracy.

I'd intended on making a list of Cruz's statements, and rebutting each individually here, but then I saw, to my surprise, that later in the week Mair had made a video response of his own. Yeah, it's a little late. But saving some face is better than saving no face, right? That video can be found here:

I would say Ted Cruz will know better next time, but we all know how this goes. Cruz, like the rest of his ilk, will never give up on denying facts that get in the way of their already established views. The scariest part is, the more they learn about science the better they get at rationalizing things to fit in with what they want to believe (check out, Science & Belief | Why We Believe in Gods, Ghosts, UFO's, Conspiracies and Everything Else). Sigh. Luckily, generations die out and new ones always take over. Let's hope it won't be too late when they do.