New on Netflix today! April 29th, 2016

Today on Netflix we get the return of both Jessie Pinkman and Ricky Gervais! Hoorah!


Hellion (2014)
99 min | Drama | Thriller

Director: Kat Candler
Writer: Kat Candler
Stars: Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins, Deke Garner

When motocross and heavy metal obsessed thirteen-year-old Jacob's increasing delinquent behaviour forces CPS to place his little brother, Wes, with his aunt, Jacob and his emotionally absent father, Hollis, must finally take responsibility for their actions and for each other in order to bring Wes home.

Special Correspondents (2016)
100 min | Comedy

Director: Ricky Gervais
Writer: Ricky Gervais
Stars: Vera Farmiga, Kelly Macdonald, America Ferrera, Eric Bana, Ricky Gervais

A radio journalist and his technician get in over their heads when they hatch a scheme to fake their own kidnapping during a rebel uprising in South America and hide out in New York instead.

Team Foxcatcher (2016)

No idea what this is. But it's a Netflix original. (So it's probably a documentary.)


Danger Mouse (2015-): Season 1

Stars: Alexander Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Dave Lamb, Stephen Fry, Marc Silk

Danger Mouse is a British children's animated television series based on the 1981 series of the same name.