New on Netflix today! May 4th, 2016


The Keeping Room (2014)

Director: Daniel Barber
Writer: Julia Hart
Stars: Brit Marling, Hailee Steinfeld, Sam Worthington, Muna Otaru, Kyle Soller, Ned Dennehy

Left without men in the dying days of the American Civil War, three Southern women — two sisters and one African American slave — must fight to defend their home and themselves from two rogue soldiers who have broken off from the fast-approaching Union Army.

Shanghai Knights (2003)
Action | Adventure | Comedy

Director: David Dobkin
Writers: Alfred Gough (characters), Miles Millar (characters)
Stars: Jackie Chan, Owne Wilson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tom Fisher, Aidan Gillen, Fann Wong

When a Chinese rebel murders Chon's estranged father and escapes to England, Chon and Roy make their way to London with revenge on their minds.