It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a socially inept nerd with a drinking problem!

I'm pretty far from a professional artist (as you may have already guessed) but I do enjoy the occasional doodle. Also, I've always had an unhealthy obsession with self-analyzation. Combining these traits, I occasionally write and illustrate homemade autobiographical comics which focus on certain special moments in the life of Nevets, Steven, and The Gutter Monkey (my own bipolar holy trinity). These are typically pretty short (about 10 pages or so is as far as my work ethic goes) and I admittedly have cut out a lot of my planned ideas due to the sheer length of time that it would take to illustrate them all. Nevertheless, I try to get the point across the best I can.

While I have fragments of many stories strewn all over the friggin' place, I'll try to only put the fully completed ones (what few there are) here. I'll list them in the chronological order in which they occurred in my life as opposed to the time periods in which they were actually drawn and written.

I don't know if there's any entertainment value in these comics or if they're nothing more than a therapeutic exercise for yours truly. If nothing else, maybe they'll at least be of a scientific value to any aspiring shrinks out there.

 The Prepubescent Explanation
The Prepubescent Explanation

Social anxiety can often result in odd behavior. In this short tale, I recount a small memory which hopefully acts as a somewhat clear example of how my childhood paranoia and fear of people could often lead me to do some pretty weird stuff. My original idea for this comics title was Urine, Loneliness, and the Movies. So, you know, like I said... weird.
Career Day

Another autobiographical comic I drew that depicts a traumatizing memory from my youth. This one gives further explanation of how my brain has been a broken mess ever since childhood.

The story takes place during what I assume is age 5 (give or take) when my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Slone, decided to bring a video camera to school in order to film children in their natural habitat. The clear goal of this was to later sell this cherished footage to the parents of said children. We still have the tape around here somewhere, I believe. Sadly, I've yet to stumble across it while digging through our gargantuan collection of VHS tapes.
Birth: What's In A Name?

One of my earliest autobiographical comics, this the strange but true story of how I arrived at my name (my birth name). Granted, I was kind of young at the time this short tale takes place, but, from what I was told, it's basically accurate in terms of historical accuracy — as far as the basic gist of things go, at least (I'm too goofy and untalented to Ken Burns my past). So, yeah, I'm sure it was much less absurd in real-life. And, who knows, possibly even completely fabricated (I am having to depend on the word of old people after all). Either way, I'm going to go ahead and choose to trust my dear ol' mothers word for things and believe this is how events went down.