Gutter Monkey Diaries

My name is Steven. My online pseudonym is Nevets. My pretentious, made-up teenage classification for my status in the world is a Gutter Monkey. And this is the part of my website that I've decided to set aside for writing about mundane happenings in my personal life, expressions of my personal feelings, and business that I should really probably keep to myself (or at least Facebook).

These are more or less diary entries. Or the actual blog portion of this Blogger hosted website of mine. Like most diaries, don't be surprised to find very shallow, childish, boring, and impulsive things included. Not to mention the classic hipster and emo vibes that I've been shamelessly exuding since high school. And, of course, the pseudo-intellectual gibberish pontificating that I've been spewing for almost as long.

Like the rest of this website, this will be more of an exercise in outward expression, transparency, and overcoming personal fears than anything else. Sharing your thoughts in a public arena isn't an easy task, ya know? Especially for a self-conscious dope like me. In fact, it's ripe territory for embarrassment and public ostracization. That being said, I'm already an outspoken atheist who makes Let's Plays and autobiographical comics about my anxiety-riddled existence — so I figure how much dignity do I really have to cling onto anyways. So let's do this.