What is this place?

I'm just a guy. A guy named Nevets. I'm no one noteworthy. I'm not particularly intelligent, insightful, or amusing. I sometimes talk about serious things, but I'm not a serious person. I watch a lot of movies and TV. I play games. I read a bit. I don't care who the president is or isn't and I don't have a preferred news outlet or political party (I was very liberal, but I've become disillusioned). I like science. I'm a realist and a skeptic. This website consists of a random collection of things I've either written, drawn, recorded, or have become fleetingly interested in (from my teen years onward). If I'm being honest, I'm embarrassed by a lot of it. But who knows what I'm doing today that I'll be cringing at tomorrow?

Oh, and the name is derived from the Oscar Wilde quote, "We're all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." That and monkeys. Because I'm a primate and that's how I've chosen to identify.

I can't promise to upkeep this place but I put a donate button over there in case you want to give me some incentive (Ahem). I really just wanted an online home for my various attempts at self-expression (and perhaps the occasional sprinkle of verbal ventilation). For the most part, however, I'm just trying to keep myself amused in the digital universe.

That's it, really.

Unsolved Mysteries - Mystery on the Rooftop | My Dissection of this Conspiracy Theory

Unsolved Mysteries - Mystery on the Rooftop Conspiracy

Well, the classic Unsolved Mysteries is back in a new Netflix reboot. And, boy, has it started off on a kooky foot.

Linguistic Society of America Vs. Steven Pinker | My Dissection of the Claims

Recently, the Disciples of Woke have found a new head they want to unfairly place in the guillotine of "justice". That of famed Harvard cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker.

Brains, The Allure of Narratives, and Clickbait Media

Yeah, I'm reusing this old drawing yet again. I'm lazy, alright. Get off my back (and pretend "#MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter" are scribbled on the wall among the posters).

10 Albums From My Youth

An Unsubstantiated Movement | #BlackLivesMatter, George Floyd, & Racist Police

Battling make-believe dragons doesn't make us heroes. Regardless of how much applause it receives.

Hi. Look. Before you get mad. Before you disregard me or call me names. Before you assume that I'm just being contrarian or looking for excuses to argue. Try to be understanding here. Try to remain open-minded. Strive to be rational. Because the thing is...

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 09 | From the Dead [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit: Become Human - From the Dead
Today on Detroit: Become Human, we finally pull ourselves together with the help of a horrifying heap of broken and forgotten android brethren.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 08 | Fugitives [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit Become Human - Fugitives
Today on Detroit: Become Human, I'm still bummed about Connor. Also, Kara and Alice rough it on the rainy streets of Michigan while we look for a place to hang our stolen hat for the night.

Did Kirk Douglas Really Rape Natalie Wood? Let's Investigate 🔎

Kirk Douglas, Natalie Wood, and the #MeToo era
Hi. Yesterday, Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas, finally bit the big one. It's so weird, I'd just re-watched his 1951 Billy Wilder film, Ace in the Hole, just the other day. Like everything else he was in, he was great. And he'll be missed worldwide.

However, many of Douglas' honors were overshadowed (on social media, at least) by a rumor that quickly began circulating around claiming that in the 1950s Douglas had allegedly raped then 16-year-old actress, Natalie Wood. Having never heard this shocking rumor before, I decided to do a bit of a deep dive into its origins to find out if it had any legs. In this video, I document what I found.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 07 | The Interrogation [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit Become Human - The Interrogation
Today on Detroit: Become Human, Conner has the bright idea of interrogating Anne Frank-droid. Simple enough idea, if not for the incompetent who's controlling the game. As expected, things go awry and I throw a fit.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 06 | Stormy Night/Broken [BLIND]

Today on Detroit: Become Human, we're brimming with quick-time events, domestic abuse, guns, violence, and satyagraha as Kara and Markus break the cerebral shackles of their hard-drives.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 05 | Partners [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit Become Human - Partners
Today on Detroit: Become Human, Conner and Hank team up to do a little good old fashion police work. We spend a lotta time in detective mode, get a memory quiz, and chase down a digital Anne Frank.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 04 | The Painter [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit: Become Human - The Painter
Today on Detroit: Become Human, we take on the role of Markus, do more chores, throw a game of chess, explore a rich guys digs, and play caregiver for a benevolent master who I'm fairly certain was in one of the Alien movies.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 03 | A New Home [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit: Become Human
Today on Chore Simulat… er, *ahem* Detroit: Become Human, we hop into the domesticated shoes of Kara as she gives Rosie the Robot a run for her money.

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 02 | Shades of Color [BLIND]

Let's Play Detroit: Become Human - Shades of Color
Today on Detroit: Become Human, we pick up a package, and that's more or less it. Along the way, tho, we get a taste of the omnipresent anti-robot racism oozing from every corner of 2038 Detroit. #AndroidLivesMatter

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human

Let's Play Detroit: Become Human
Hi. This is my blind let's play of Detroit: Become Human. (it'll be updated as I go)

Nevets Plays Detroit: Become Human - Part 01 | Hostage [BLIND-ish]

Let's Play Detroit: Become Human - Chapter 01 - Hostage
Hi. Today, I felt like playing a game. That game is Detroit: Become Human, by Quantic Dream. They're the guys who brought us Heavy Rain. It's about robots and quarter jugglers, I think.

Bigotry Vs. Probability | Are the Oscars Too White and Too Male?

And the award goes to...
Hi. Today, I'm going to share my opinions on the alleged racism and sexism said to be responsible for the lack of diversity in award shows (and elsewhere). While, on its surface, this may seem of minor importance, I feel this situation may actually be a symptom of a larger problem of the world. A problem that's worth discussing. (Also, I've not uploaded anything in a long time, and this news story gave me an excuse to do that. *Ahem*)

Why so much hate for Bill Nye The Science Guy?

Bill Nye being a science guy (hence the name)
NOTE: This is just a post I left on YouTube under a video in which all the comments appeared to be extremely anti-Bill Nye. Most complaints appeared to be directed toward the fact that "he's not a real scientist". This was often accompanied by a barrage of insults and ridicule. After reading through these comments and realizing that the majority opinion being shared was so venomously against this man, I felt a need to respond. Instead of copy and pasting the entire thing (my laziness is becoming unparalleled), I simply took a screenshot of my comment and shared it here:

Michael Jackson | How can this many allegations be wrong?

Michael Jackson in Times Square

Verbal vomit in regards to a rapidly deteriorating series | The Walking Dead S10E05: "What It Always Is"

Negan taking a stroll with someone no one cares about, doing something no one cares about
I just finished watching the newest episode of The Walking Dead. I'm not going to review it because, well, frankly, I don't too much like reviewing things (not in the typical fashion, at least). But here's a few quick (admittedly shallow and annoyed) thoughts that came to mind while I was rolling my eyes through this.

Nevets Plays Resident Evil 2 - Part 29 | END of Leon's story [BLIND]

Let's Play Resident Evil 2 - Part 29
Today on the Resident Evil 2 remake, we reach the end of Leon's story! We laughed, we cried, had a few blood-curdling screams, it was a genuinely fun time. But life moves on and so shall I. Unless I play Claire's story next, at least. In which case, brb.