Breaking Bad Movies | The Top 20 Movies Where Good Guys Break Bad

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Now that AMC's beloved TV series, Breaking Bad, has come to its inevitable conclusion (cue violins), it felt like the perfect time to celebrate some of films most memorable moments where good, mild-mannered characters rolled up their sleeves, loosened up their ties, and raised pure hell in this list of The Top 20 Movies Where Good Guys Break Bad.
Whether it's due to marital problems, madness, acts of vengeance, moments of desperation, being fed up with society, being tired of their jobs, or just having nothing left to lose, each movie on this list has, in one way or another, shined a light on the breaking points we're all capable of reaching. And perhaps, in the end, it's that empathy we have for these nice guys gone bad which makes witnessing them lose all self-control feel so gosh darn cathartic to watch go down.
These are the films about the underdogs who've cut loose and come out on top, the geeks who've fought back, and the quiet who've to finally stood up and yelled: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" And while some may be crazy and others may have crossed the line too far, they're all one hella fun to watch. Just try to remember: don't try this at home. click here to read more