Essentials of Terror: The Top 25 Scary Movies You Need To See

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The Halloween season wouldn't be complete without the annual scary movie marathons. But what movies really are the scariest of the bunch? With the assistance of my crack team of mad-scientist researchers and a very precise set of formulaic equations and measurements which you couldn't be expected to understand, I've compiled a list of the scariest, must-see, essential horror films of all time.
From the 20's to the 2000's, it's all (for the most part) covered. We've got the subtlest of scares, to the most bloody and exaggerated; the primitive roots of horror (whose archaic atmospheres only add to the terror) and the more modern, groundbreaking classics of today. For good or worse - but mostly for good - these films aren't only terrifying; they're the influential masterpieces that have forever changed the face of horror... each in their own unique, heart-pounding ways. click here to read more