Michael Jackson: Setting The Record Straight (a Q&A)

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Using sourced evidence, video footage, photos, and direct quotes from Michael Jackson and those who knew him, this mega-article is an examination of the many questions and speculations that surround the iconic King of Pop.

While I've never been a big MJ fan, I do find him to be an extremely fascinating character. When I began my research on him, my general assumption was that I was about to find out a whole lot of creepy things having to do with one very deviant and unstable personality. Suffice it to say, my interest was something on par to the fascination someone grows in a serial killer; where I simply needed to know what could possibly make someone so crazy?

To my surprise (after months of research) what I found out wound up being much more fascinating than the mere glimpse into the evil doings of a wacko. The shock wasn't at what Michael Jackson had done, but rather at what the media and a completely unnatural life had done to him... and our perception of him.

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