Interstellar added to the list of Scientifically Accurate Science Fiction Movies

Yeah, yeah, I know, this addition is a year late and completely overshadowed by The Martian. But time flies when you're doing... well, whatever the hell it is I've been doing all year (who remembers). Anywho, what's important is that it's here now and readable at the link below.

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For those who are particularly interested in science — and picky as all hell — I'm aware that there is plenty to criticize in the film (from the worm hole that should've made a complete mess of our solar system, to the flat-tired truck that managed to speed through a corn field with no problem, and the bizarre fact that someone survived a trip through a black hole without vaporizing) but this list isn't about perfection in technical accuracy. It's simply about comparisons. And how accurate this films science is when compared to the plethora of non-science sci-fi films it shares theaters with. And in this instance — where time dilation is done right and a black hole is visualized better than ever before in a film — Interstellar gets high marks all the way.

All praise to physicist, and the films science adviser, Kip Thorne for the films best science parts, by the way (whose companion book, The Science of Interstellar, is now available). We can just overlook that mushy part about love "transcending the limits of space and time". Hey, it's Hollywood. What're ya gonna do.

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