10 Movies About Being a Super Genius

After months of avoiding it, I've finally published another Top 10 list for the evil Hubpages website, which has been consistently unfeaturing my old articles ("Spammy" Pft!). This time I've put my focus on 10 Movies About Being a Super Genius.

I believe I was watching that sorta hokey (but still fun) 90s sci-fi/romance movie, Phenomenon, when I began thinking about putting together a list of more movies "like this". Oddly, there don't seem to be many (you'd think there would be a ton, right?). When I began sketching out a top 20 list of possible additions, I noticed that a large portion of the ones I was coming up with were either biopics, that were more about someone's life than actually about being smart (A Beautiful Mind, Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, etc.), or they were movies where intelligence was being put at center-stage but the protagonists weren't quite smart enough to be particularly remarkable (The Martian, Finding Forrester, etc.). So, in the end, I decided to scratch out all true-stories and any movies where the protagonists weren't at least bordering being preternaturally smart. This cut the list down to a mere Top 10, which was fine with me (less writing). I have to admit though, it hurt losing Searching for Bobby Fischer.
Anywho, here's the list. Check 'er out (and buy tons of things from the Amazon links — I'm broke, goddammit!).