UPDATE: Three new Atheist & Agnostic characters added to our list!

With the help and guidance of god, my ever-growing list of Atheist and Agnostic Characters on Film and TV is being updated once again. This time with three new additions:

• Rick Sanchez from the animated TV series, Rick and Morty 
It wasn't until recently that I finally sat down and gave this great show a gander. I did it solely for enjoyment. Who knew I'd come across another atheist character?

• E. K. Hornbeck from the 1960 Stanley Kramer film, Inherit the Wind
Truth be told, I should have made this addition at the same time I added the protagonist of the film (Henry Drummond) to our list. I can't remember precisely why I didn't then, but at least he's here now.

Max from the 2009 film, Mary and Max
I only just today saw this film for the first time. Even if Max hadn't been an atheist, I couldn't say enough good things about this movie.