Atheist Characters List: UPDATE! Alice from 'The L Word' and Marcus from 'Dracula 2000' (video included)

There are two new updates today for our list of Atheist and Agnostic Characters on Film and TV. One from a very cringe-worthy horror film and another from a sub-par Showtime television series about lesbians who do, well, lesbian stuff, I guess.

First up we have Alice Pieszecki from the Showtime original series, The L Word. In the premiere episode of the third season of this show (entitled Labia Majora) Alice briefly mentions that she would be the godmother of some baby on the show (admittedly, I didn't watch past this one episode) but, since she doesn't believe in god, she's the child's "Earth Mother" instead. A video clip of the scene can be found below.

Next up we've got Omar Epps in the role of Marcus, from the 2000 film, Dracula 2000. I remember seeing this one as a kid and, even then, being bored out of my mind. Re-watching it recently (for the purpose of fact-checking Marcus's atheism) my childhood view hasn't appeared to have changed — it's still awful. However, Marcus's atheism appears to check out when the newly made vamp is faced by a guy wielding a crucifix and Marcus scoffs, "Sorry, sport. I'm an atheist!" Then he hisses or something and gets a dagger in his eyeball. I dunno. Anyway, the clip of the scene is below:

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