Atheist Characters List: UPDATE! Peter Russo from 'House of Cards' (video included)

Just in time for the 2017 presidential inauguration of the real-life Biff Tannen, here's a new politically-related addition to the ever growing list of Atheist and Agnostic Characters on Film and TV

This is, of course, the sad and debaucherous Peter Russo from the Netflix original series, House of Cards. Russo mentions his atheism only briefly within the series during the seventh episode of the first season, entitled (appropriately enough) Chapter 7. During that scene, Russo is freshly acclimating to his newfound sobriety and attending AA meetings. He mentions how he doesn't believe in the higher power spoken about in the meetings, mentioning god specifically.

Sadly paralleling reality, in a later episode in the series Russo — who's running for governor — lies to a reporter by telling them that he's found a new, renewed faith in god. The implication, as it always is in politics, that if you're an atheist then you better stay quiet about it if you ever expect to be elected into any office.

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