Nevets plays Game of Thrones - Season 01

Nevets Plays Telltales Game of Thrones - Season 01

Ahoy, Homo sapiens! This is my blind playthrough of Telltale games' Game of Thrones: Season 01. This game was first released in 2014 and takes place between the 3rd and 5th seasons of the HBO television series. It features cameos from many characters from the show, including Cersei Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, Tyrion Lannister, John Snow, and probably a bunch more that I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm playing the game in current day, however, as it was free on Playstation Plus a couple of months ago and I was too cheap to buy it when it came out.

While I've played several Telltale games in the past and knew generally what to expect from this one gameplay-wise, I didn't know what to expect from this particular games story, tone, or quality. Unlike other Telltale games such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead series, I never heard much gabbing about this title from fans. My natural assumption? It must stink — why else do I never hear eager gamers clamoring for a second season?

Happily for me, it turned out not to be too shabby. Not the best Telltale has to offer, but far from the worst. And I had a pretty darn good time making it my second Let's Play experience (gotta admit, I was hesitant about Let's Playing a Telltale series due to the talky nature of them). And aside from a slow start, everything seemed to move pretty smoothly in the recording of these. Also, it gave me an excuse to draw a little Ned Stark monkey. So that was fun.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 01 | I Know Nothing
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones -  Part 01

Today we begin part 01 of my blind playthrough of the 2014 Telltale Games series, Game of Thrones: Season 01. We start off with some quick info about House Forrester before being immediately thrust into a wedding celebration. Here, we meet our playable character, Gared Tuttle, squire to Lord Forrester. We do some menial squire duties, we drink with the lord, we have three or four cheers for Rob Stark, we get a job promotion, and we take crap from a peer. Who doesn’t love bacon? After learning what color wedding this is, we choose to save our douchey friend and promptly skedaddle away to warn our other friends. We’re too late and chaos ensues. Before our escape, we’re tasked with delivering a sword and a message. We reluctantly leave our boss behind as we scamper off into the wilderness. We watch an opening title sequence where I’ve exchanged the GoT theme with a more copyright-free rendition. We head home to ominously find pigs, blood, and toppled carts. We get in a scuffle with Bolton’s, Whitehill’s, and Simple Jack. Tragedy continues. We leave for Ironrath, get stuffed with maggots, spill a secret to the wrong person, read more about our characters, steal supplies from a maester, and deliver a sword and a message (to the correct entity this time around). The game pulls a switcharoo and we start playing as young Ethan Forrester, the new lord of House Forrester. After a brief berating by Bob Hoskins we have another switch of characters before ending part 01 of this Let’s Play of Game of Thrones. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 02

We start off today’s gameplay of Telltales Game of Thrones in King’s Landing, playing as Mira Forrester, handmaiden to Margaery Tyrell (who’s still looking good even in cartoony form, I must say). Since we’re cool with Margaery and Margaery is marrying Joffrey (the game tells us this and I, unsurprisingly, didn’t listen), our mom thought it a good idea that we hit her up for some assistance with our Bolton/Whitehill situation. We meet a “coal boy” named Tom (not sure what his story is), we get word that Cersei thinks we’re a traitor, we agree to meet the awful she-devil, we tell her what she wants to hear and she doesn’t want to hear it, we have a brief one-on-one with Tyrion, things don’t go well in all sorts of ways. After that hell is done with, we talk to our trollop bestie and gab about boys. We kiss Margaery’s ass before finally biting the bullet and asking for our favor. We flash to  Gared Tuttle who passes a horrifying sight on Kingsroad. Next we’re back in Ethan Forrester’s shoes, helping him make tough decisions about choosing his new right-hand man (his sentinel). We also decide the fate of a thief and deserter. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 03 | Oh, no.
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 03

We start off today’s gameplay of Telltales Game of Thrones in Ironrath, playing as the young lord, Ethan Forrester. We left off after deciding who to make as our next Sentinel, now it’s time to break the news of our choice to the eager contenders on the small council. With that nasty business done with, we start work on figuring out how to deal with Ramsay Snow and we decide whether or not we want Asher back from exile. Next, we head to King’s Landing, playing as Mira Forrester. We do a little thieving, receive some bad news from Lady Margaery, chat it up with our weird coal boy friend (seriously, what’s this guys story?!), and talk about the creepiness of King’s Landing guards. Then we’re back in Ironrath to once again inhabit young Ethan’s shoes. We meet Ramsay at the gate, act brave and honorable, and immediately regret every decision we’ve made after a shocking climax to this Let’s Play of Episode 01, Iron from Ice, of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 04 | Resurrection
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 04
Today we begin a brand new episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Season 01. This is our second episode and it’s entitled The Lost Lords. We start off the episode in Essos, playing as the exiled Forrester brother turned bounty hunter, Asher. We meet Asher’s buddy Beskha, duke it out with the Lost Legion, get a visit from our uncle, and make a dash to the opening creidts (where I’ve exchanged the opening GoT theme to something more copyright friendly). Amazingly, we find that Rodrik Forrester is still alive (barely) and apparently we’re playing as him. We get mended up, pass out, wake up, break stuff, hug our little sister, and suck at walking. After falling on our face once, we decide to use our sis as a crutch as we go to take control of our house. Next, we’re back in ex-squire Gared’s (who, in pure me fashion, mistakenly called Goddard) shoes as he begins his watch at Castle Black. I make the obligatory Monkey Island reference and we acquaint ourselves with the Nights Watch. Back in Ironrath, Rodrik’s limping ass still hasn’t made it to his destination. Cripple as we may be, we still manage to punk guys out though, so that’s cool. We take our rightful spot as the new Lord of our house and get right to work making tough decisions. We head back to King’s Landing where briefly have Mira forge some documents before resuming our watch at Castle Black with Gared. At the wall, we meet some of our new brothers, get in some trouble, and begin training with crossbows, swords, horse-petting and barrel lifting. Before we end this video, we end up getting in a scuffle with a douche because a potato phucker stole his dagger. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 05 | Trouble On The Horizon
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 05
Today on Telltale’s Game of Thrones, we start off as Mira Forrester in King’s Landing. We’re hanging out with our floozy friend as she drinks wine she stole from Cersei Lannister. She breaks the news to us that she’s a bastard. We’re cool with that and promise to keep mum. She continues to try and pressure us to imbibe in her stolen alcohol, but we resist. Nevertheless, Tyrion catches us and makes me feel like I did something wrong (he seemed so cool on the show!). Tyrion takes us to meet with Whitehill men in order to do some wheeling and dealing with my family’s ironwood. Next up, we resume our role as Asher Forrester, still currently hiding out from the Lost Legion with his uncle and his bff, Beskha. Our uncle informs us of our family troubles and that we need to acquire an army. Back in Mira’s shoes, we find that our room has been broken into at King’s Landing. Nothing’s been taken, but someone wants to meet — who could it be? Back at Ironrath, Rodrik’s mission is to seduce a lovely young lass into marrying us. Yes, we did it (did you really have to ask?). Afterwards, the Whitehill goons show up to ruin the mood. Déjà vu as we’re asked to kneel and kiss Whitehill’s ring. After getting Ethan killed by refusing to kneel to Ramsay, you’d think I’d learn my lesson... you’d think that. Long story short, Whitehill makes fun of my disability and leaves us in a sour mood. Back at Castle Black, Gared spends a little bonding time with John Snow and we check out the view from the wall. Back in King’s Landing, Mira sets out to meet who broke into our room. Things turn bad quick and now we’re in deep trouble. Also, I think something is wrong with my analog stick. And, seriously, what the hell is the story with this friggin’ coal boy?! After that sticky situation, we’re thrust back into Ironrath where we finish off this episode after laying our fallen family members to rest. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Play Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 06 | There Be Dragons
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 06
Today we begin a new episode of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. This is our third episode so far and it’s entitled The Sword in the Darkness. We start off as Asher, still with Beskha and our uncle, on the run from the Lost Legion. We run into a stone wall, rob a corpse, and escape into a cave once we see soldiers on our tail. In there, we encounter something much scarier than the guys hunting us down — a dragon! I have to choose between a trusted friend or a blood relative. Cue opening credits. At Castle Black, we get assigned our position in the Nights Watch, we make new friends, and we head off to say our vows. Later we receive a special visitor from the outside world and get tasked with the mission of finding the North Grove. Back at King’s Landing, Mira is once again having her ear talked off by her chatty friend. We’re interrupted by the mysterious coal boy who wants to talk about the deadly events of our last episode. When our friend comes back, we keep our lips zipped about what’s going on while she continues to talk her little brains out. After an encounter of Cersei, the beans are spilled about our collusion with Tyrion. Margaery is no longer cool in my book. Back in Ironrath, Rodrik has to deal with the Whitehill soldiers who’re getting outta hand. We meet Gryff Whitehill, who has taken over our property. Desperate and in need of action, we devise a plan and make plans to meet with the daughter of thine enemy. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 07 | Bending The Knee
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 07
Today on our Let’s Play of Telltale’s Game of Thrones, we begin in King’s Landing playing as Mira Forrester. Tyron drops in during our conversation with Lady Margaery and runs his trap about our private matters (thanks, Tyrion). I’ve about had it with every living soul residing at the Red Keep. Back at Castle Black we rub our sword while John Snow watches from behind. We tell him about the North Grove, we convey our trust in him, and we’re shocked to find that our new brother is none other than Simple Jack Whitehill. We suffer through his mouth, gnawing our lip off. Back at King’s Landing Mira and her trollop compadre wait outside of Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding. We’re questioned by a guard who knows too much before being rescued by a bearded hero. The mood lightens once we realize Joffrey just bit the big one. It’s dampened right back down once we remember Tyron got the blame. With the help of our coal boy friend (WHO... IS... HE?!?!), we break into Tyrion’s room to find a vital piece of paper. Back in Ironrath, we see how the Whitehill’s have ravaged our land and when attend our meeting with Gwyn. Back at home we listen to mothers complaining and confront monsters dressed as men. Thrust back in Castle Black, John requests we join his journey north of the wall. We agree to join, promise to not start trouble with Simple Jack, find out we’re buddies with a wildling. Meanwhile, Asher and friends make it to Meereen and we nearly get neutered. Our vet is a man named Croft who is apparently a friend... an odd friend. Croft agrees to introduce us to the Mother of Dragons and we cut back to the wall where Gared lights torches and is assaulted by Simple Jack. So much for our promise to John. Back at Ironrath, we get word that our sister has been trying to eat Whitehills. She’s in trouble so we swallow our pride and submit to Jason Mewes to save her life. We have a quick montage of cliffhangers and roll the end credits for Episode 3: The Sword in the Darkness. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 08 | Sons of Winter
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 08
Today we begin Episode 4: Sons of Winter, of our Let’s Play of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. We start off the gameplay at Castle Black during the cremation of Simple Jack. We find out Gared has been taken into custody for the murder and we start the opening credits. Next we play as Asher in Meereen and we talk to Daenerys about acquiring an army. In exchange for her help, we offer up our killer services. Back in Ironrath, Rodrik learns how to fight as a cripple (we could’ve done better). Our betrothed shows up with some not-so-sunny news about our wedding plans, yet offers us a tiny army to help make things right. In King’s Landing Mira chats it up with coal boy and in Castle Black Gared finds himself locked in a tiny cell that we need to escape from. A wildling potato phucker comes to our rescue and we join forces with a douche to desert our brothers of the watch. Back at Ironrath, Rodrik comes to the rescue of our maester and we re-take our home from the Whitehills. In Meeree, we learn of the terrible childhood that made Beskha the tough cookie she is now. We also find out why she really doesn’t want to be here. Back at the coronation feast for Tommen Lanister, Mira does a little detective work in order to help her family and we end our episode in the nick of time before my recording shuts off. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 09 | The Negotiation
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 09
Today on Telltale’s Game of Thrones, we start off by completing Mira’s detectiving. We do a little eaves dropping, think about our future husband, and yack it up with the most bumbling Lannister is Westeros. We utilize our seductive sensuality to get what we want and show zero guilt for it. A tough life has made our soul harder than Jeffrey Jones at a cub scout meeting. Meanwhile, north of the wall, Gared and friends continue their search for the mythical North Grove. On our way, we run into some wildlings who turn out to be much more violent than they look. Back at Ironrath, we still have the run of the place but who knows how long it’ll last. We decided to head to Highpoint in order to trade Jason Mewes for our baby brother. We leave our sister in charge at home and leave our soldiers with her. In Meeree, we make further preparations to fulfill Daenerys’s mission before heading out at nightfall. Beskha loses control of her emotions, almost getting us into trouble, but we put a leash on her. Back north of the wall, we finger a wildling and meet potato phuckers sister. Meanwhile, Rodrik has made it to Highpoint, we negotiate, and I have a panic attack. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 10 | The Meereen Ambush
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 10
Today on Telltale’s Game of Thrones, we start things off by doing some stealthy takedowns of some bad guys in Meereen. Then things get loud, bloody, and very destructive... but we get the job done. Rodrik and friends head back to Ironrath after a somewhat successful expedition to Highpoint, only to find our home is a ghost town. This very short installment to our series ends not long after a very ominous meeting with the evil Ramsay Snow. Ugh. Hate that guy. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 11 | A Nest of Vipers
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 11
Today on Telltale’s Game of Thrones, we begin Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers. The dreaded time has arrived to have another terrifying one-on-one with Ramsay Snow. We’re aware that anyone could die at any moment around that psychopath and, unsurprisingly, someone does. But it could’ve been worse. We check out a large rack, everyone spends time coming to terms with Ramsay’s latest act of viciousness, and we head off to King’s Landing to walk around in Mira’s shoes. The trollop gives us hell, ends our friendship, and I’m happy to be done with her. Back in Meereen, we get an earful from Beskha, the Queen of Dragons welches on our deal, and we’re both easy on the eyes. At least we get gold, though, so Asher and Beskah set off to purchase soldiers instead. North of the wall, Gared and the gang argue amongst each other, hunt wabbits, we learn more about the North Grove, and get caught off guard by White Walkers. Back in Meeree, Asher and Beskha walk into the lion’s den with some savage killing machines who’d be perfect for our cause. To prove our worth, as you’d expect, we do battle with them. Back in the North, we resume our combat with White Walkers. We lose a dear friend and have to resort to running for our lives. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 12 | Brothers
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 12
Today, in the last part to episode 5 of Telltales Game of Thrones, we start things off in King’s Landing, having another intimidating powwow with Cersei Lannister. She wants us to go undercover as a spy to squeeze more information from the currently incarcerated Tyrion Lannister. We’re reluctant, but we agree after she makes grand promises of helping our family. Cersei then floats away like one of Dracula’s concubines. In Meereen, Asher and his new crew are loading up to set sail for Ironrath. Our uncle decides he may want to stay behind with the Queen of Dragons and we don’t too much blame him. Meanwhile, back in King’s Landing, Mira is following through with her mission to deceive Tyrion. We can tell right from the get-go that we’re nowhere near sly enough to pull the wool over the half-man’s eyes, but we give it a shot anyway... for a moment at least. In Ironrath, Rodrik is doing the horizontal tango with his dearly betrothed before being interrupted by a no-knocking-Nellie. Our sister has discovered who our traitor is and we take care of the matter in vengeful fashion — was it a mistake? Docking in at Ironrath, Asher is finally back home. The vibe feels shady from the get go and our family reunion is cut short by an ambush. We’re forced to make the most difficult in-game decision so far and episode 5: A Nest of Vipers ends with me having no idea whether or not I did the right thing or not. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 13 - Part 13 | The North Grove
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 13
On today’s entry to our Let’s Play of Telltale’s Game of Thrones, we begin the sixth and final episode of the series. We start off with my never ending rationalizing to myself how my choices from our last episode weren’t as terrible as they undoubtedly were. After over two minutes of this, we finally start our game with a recap of our last episode. When gameplay eventually gets going, we start out North of the Wall playing as Gared Tuttle. We do a little detective work to find the North Grove, potato phucker isn’t looking good, we allow a scary tree to whisper sweet nothings in our ear, we get charged by the biggest frickin’ bear man has ever seen, and we find... the North Grove?! After the opening credits, we find ourselves in King’s Landing still on edge about being caught for that whole murdering the guard thing we did awhile back. Mira gets and earful from Margaery Tyrell, we stick up for our horrible friend, we get fired, and receive confirmation to our worst fears. Back on King’s Road, Asher and his gang of ruffians lay a smackdown on some Whitehills. In Ironrath, we take our place as new Lord of the Forrester clan. Back at what’s apparently the North Grove, Gared and Wildling of the Damned deal with some grouchy North Grovians while potato phucker desperately holds onto what life he has left. The future looks even more ominous once we hear the call of the White Walker. Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Mira Forrester has found herself deeper in trouble than ever as guards smash down our door and we make a run for it with the mysterious coal boy. Keeping to character, he once again puts his life on the line in order to help us out. In Ironrath, Asher has a face-to-face with Lord Whitehill, Jason Mewes, and a humungous freakin’ army. We get a marriage offer, receive the corpse of our dear brother, and devise a sneaky plan that I’m REALLY unsure about — just add it to my list of regrets. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 14 | Bloodbath
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 14
Today on our Let’s Play of Telltale games’ Game of Thrones, we start off on the run as Mira Forrester. We find solace in the arms of a bearded hero only to find out we were better off on our own. North of the wall, we talk to some North Grovians, do our best to look out for our little albino friend, and battle it out with the walking dead. Back in King’s Landing, we find ourselves in lockup, looking for a way out. What we find, instead, is an insane women busting our lady balls and our bearded zero (see what I did there?) making us an offer we can’t refuse. He’s a douche, however, so we refuse it anyway. Going back to the North Grove, we’re given news that our ailing potato phucking compadre isn’t getting too much better and we’re tasked with the difficult choice of ending his days with a whimper or a morbid butchering — here’s hoping I made the correct choice. Meanwhile, in Ironrath, Asher and gang are ready to commence Red Weddinging the Whitehill clan. And, wouldn’t ya know it, things don’t go as planned. Bloodshed of gargantuan levels ensues and very little of it is to our benefit. In fact, it’s all a downright tragedy for the Forresters. I’m seriously experiencing PTSD just typing about it here. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Game of Thrones: Season 01 - Part 15 | End
Nevets Plays Game of Thrones - Part 15
Here it is, folks, the final part of the final episode to our Telltale games’ Game of Thrones Let’s Play — and, boy, is it brutal. We start off at the North Grove during the cremation ceremony of my beloved pal, Potato Phucker. Afterwards, we decide whether to honor our Lords last wishes to protect the Grove or to travel home to help protect what’s left of House Forrester. Back in King’s Landing, Mira is finally done with King’s Landing. Would’ve preferred to leave on better terms, but to heck with it. At least we’ve seen the last of those evil, shady beasts. In the North Grove, Gared and his army of Grovian’s set off for badassery. Telltale then blesses us with a montage of our failures. We get a quick glimpse of the remains of our Whitehill battle, cliffhangers galore, and we end things off viewing our statistics, and I cheer, sulk and bemoan my afterthoughts during the end credits. Click here to watch on YouTube.