Nevets Plays Until Dawn

Hi, humans. My name is Nevets, aka, The Gutter Monkey, and this is my blind Let's Play of the 2015 video game, Until Dawn.

If you're considering watching this, here's a few things you should probably know going in:

• This is my first time playing this game. I had neither heard of the plot, gameplay style, critical response, or even the game genre beforehand.

• I don't edit the gameplay or skip to the best parts of my playthrough. In fact, I'm not even sure there are any "best parts". This Let's Play will follow every boring, exciting, and tedious move I make within this video game.

• I take my time. Like, an abnormal about of time. I often spend several minutes without progressing the game, all just in order to think about and discuss my thoughts over particular plot elements, characters, or my reasoning behind making any key decisions.

• Similar to the above point, I attempt to be very thorough and exploratory, which also tends to slow down the smooth flow of game progression. I spend long periods of time actively avoiding my objective in order to check out environments and look through all of the nooks and crannies I can find in search of hidden clues, totems, and other secrets.

• The names "Matt", "Mike", and "Michael" are all apparently identical and interchangeable in my brain. I don't know why. It's weird and I don't understand it any more than you.

• I've yet to master the art of audio editing. So my levels can be a tad less than extraordinary at times.

• While it's true that I'm incredibly attractive, I sadly don't have a motion picture recorder. So this Let's Play will be voice only.

• I've recorded the entirety of this game before posting it online, so I will not be uploading it as I play.

• I swear on occasion.

• "Um", "Uh", "Like", and "I mean" will be used extensively. Be prepared.


Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 01 | A Cabin in the Woods
Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 01
Let’s Play Until Dawn for the very first time ever! I know nothing about this game in terms of story, gameplay, critical ratings, or anything else — this couldn’t be more of a blind playthrough. In classic form, we begin with a pile of teenagers in a cabin in the woods, isolated in a snowstorm with a mysterious, menacing silhouette lurking forebodingly outside. Like any slasher story worth its spit, all the teens appear to be horrendous human beings. A girl gets tricked and shamed, we chase after her, we find some prescient bubble bath, I explore the game menu for 4 minutes, we encounter the mystery man (or dragon?) and disaster soon follows. Cut to a strange psychological examination (or something?) being conducted by the guy from Fargo, and we check out photos of scarecrows. We watch some opening credits, ride on a bus with the girl from Heroes, watch a weird episode of Mr. Robot, then watch more credits. We meet Sam, climb a wall, find a totem, meet Chris, shoot a gun, keep nature in balance, and head to a cable car. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 02
Today on our Let's Play of Until Dawn, the gang all arrive at the creepy house in the woods. We’re introduced to Jess (awful), Mike (terrible), Emily (despicable), Josh (creepy), Matt (eh... seems alright), and Ashley (she’s okay... so far). We have a snowball fight, libidos are in full force, the game continues to invite us to participate in animal cruelty, and we have another in depth psychological assessment from Dr. Hill where we examine our worst fears. We see a “Previously On” montage? Was this game originally released in episodes? We’re locked outta the house and need Chris (who I’ve subconsciously deemed our hero) to break in. We look for clues, stay on edge, are in a constant state of paranoia, we see a fire and a death in our future, I mistakenly say “Michael Black” instead of “Michael white” and just ended up making myself even more confused about which one is Matt and which is Michael. There’s a catfight, I continue to confuse Matt and Mike, our girlfriend barks orders at us, and I give a few parting thoughts before ending this episode of our Let’s Play of Until Dawn. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 03
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we kick things off with a long and agonizing journey exploring the menus some more. After my sorry excuse for a brain finally starts feeling more comfortable with that thing, we get back to the gameplay where Mike and Jess leave the big house in search of a romantic, isolated, extremely dangerous cabin in the woods (why!?). Before searching for the cabin, we first need to find the generator to make our journey less dark. We stumble across a new danger totem, and a real-life horror occurs and I have to temporarily pause the game. After calming down from that freakout, the game decides to outdo it with another jump scare. We find the generator, hear a shrieking in the darkness, find an abandoned mine, and act like a hero. Are we on an Indian burial ground? We get a peek into Jessica’s naked future (didn’t really need to be Miss Cleo to see that coming), we stumble on another clue, and we make it out of the mine and back on the trail. We get scared again while our character mysteriously acts like nothing’s wrong. We encounter a bird and a roadblock and our girl goes missing. We’re thrust back into the shoes of the girl from Heroes and further explore the big house and more clues for the twins. We end today’s Let’s Play before embarking on a sure-to-be-pants-soiling trip to the boiler room. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 04
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, Sam and Josh head to the boiler room to get the hot water going. I contemplate the possible twists and turns to come, I suspect Josh as being the bad guy, Sam feels romantic, we get cute with a baseball bat, we attempt to hold a flashlight steady, we increase water pressure, scare josh, brieftly see movement from a mysterious figure, hear rhythmic thumping of an unknown origin, react heroically, and get pee-our-pants-scared directly after. Next, we have another mysterious Q&A with Dr. Hill in his quickly deteriorating office. We have a quick recap of what’s happened in the story so far and then start Chapter 3 with Ouija boards and “ghosts” (I’m skeptical). Next, we start up where we left off with Mike and the mysteriously vanished Jess. We finally find our girl, come across a new totem, and get scared straight by a wild animal (two, if you count Jess). We attempt to make a poor creatures last living moments better before being chased like prey into a scary old cabin. This is not the cozy chalet Jess was promised and she doesn’t hesitate to continuously annoy us about it. We find clues, play with firearms, investigate butterfly effects, read a book, tinker with a fuse box, explore the ancient Indian secrets of love making, get attacked by a shower curtain, reluctantly start a fire, and accidentally turn our girlfriend on. We’re interrupted by a crash, bang, and pop music before abruptly ending this episode of our playthrough for Until Dawn. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 05
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we start things off in a creepy cabin in the woods (again). Mike and Jess have just had their romantic moment interrupted by a loud crash, bang, and the melodic sounds of a pop song. We find the source of our problem, Jess overacts in the most white trash way imaginable, and before we can get back to action, Jess is whisked away by a visitor at the door. Back at the big house, Ashley and Chris investigate the clues left to them by a ghost. We find a secret passage, a threatening note written in blood, doors magically open on their own, Chris shares information with Ashley, and Ashley is whisked away by her own visitor. Chris tries to be a hero and gets sucker punched by a juggalo. Next, we have another therapy session with Dr. Hill where he makes us judge a popularity contest. We have a quick recap and commence Chapter 4: Loyalty. Matt heroically traverses risky terrane in his hurry to save Jess, only to find himself right back in that rotten old mine (or, at least, I think that’s where he is?). We find Jess and then lose her again before chasing a mystery man to an old sanatorium. Meanwhile, Chris is regaining consciousness and begins his search for Ashley. We’re caught off guard by a scarecrow, we find another death totem, a decapitated pig head, I mistakenly say “Michael” instead of “Matt” again, and we find yet ANOTHER creepy cabin in the woods. We find Ashley and Josh and are forced to make a not-so-difficult life-or-death decision. Matt and Emily suddenly reappear and we cut to another increasingly eerie therapy session with Dr. Hill. We recap events so far and begin Chapter 5: Dread. I share a few of my personal thoughts on the story so far and end this episode of our Let’s Play for Until Dawn. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 07
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we start things off with Mike at the old sanatorium, where we’ve tacked down a possible psycho killer (or crazy homeless man). We find totems of good fortune, totems of loss, and I prematurely climb a barrel and lose access to what I’m 99% positive was a thousand insightful clues and/or life-saving totems. We see wolves, we find a crap ton of clues informing us more about the 1952 story of the rescued miners. We find a bloody machete, we can read the writing on the wall, someone’s playing a Halloween SFX tape, we come across a bloody restraining chair, we see a scary wolf shadow, a severed arm has a horrible surprise underneath it, and we take a big risk with a machete. A pooch catches us off guard and we head to the chapel before ending today’s Let’s Play for Until Dawn. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 07
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we start with a recap followed by where we left off in the sanitarium with Michael (thankfully). After a brief mental adjustment to remember where we’re going, we head to the chapel (and you’re graced with a brief musical number from yours truly). We’re scared by a dog, we kick a dog, it turns out that’s a wolf not a dog, and I use far too much profanity. We find clues from an obsessive mind, give a dog a bone, play dress up, acquire a pistol, and slowly transform into a badAsh Stark of Winterfell. We find a death totem and make it sole goal for today to not blow up. Moments later, we blow up. Meanwhile, Matt and Emily trudge through the snow finding an ax, paint, death totems, and maps. We decide to head to a radio tower and risk our lives doing it. We decided it’s our new goal for the day to avoid deadly heights. We instantly tightrope walk over every height imaginable. Further up the mountain, I stupidly don’t check a floor board, then head to the edge of a mountain where we’re attacked by a herd of deer (or moose or caribou or whatever the heck they are). Before we end this episode off, we make sure to check out the girl from Heroes while she’s in the bath... and we’re not the only ones. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 08
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we kick things off as a hot girl in a towel following luft balloons to her inevitable doom. We have another psychological assessment by Dr. Hill, we watch a recap of where we are in the story so far, and we begin Chapter 6: Vengeance. Matt chooses to stay kind to nature, Emily stays annoying as ever, we find a totem for guidance, make it to a radio tower, lose our axe, find some missing persons posters, give Matt a flare gun, we call for help (over), they say the games title, something eerie lurks and we all fall down. Matt overlooks Emily’s attitude and choose to help her anyway — it turns out to be the biggest mistake ever made in the history of making mistakes, and I’ll never forgive myself for it. Cut to Ashley and Chris’s search for Sam, I go through the mourning process, Until Dawn is racist, we find tons of magic doors, scary dollhouses, and guh-guh-guh-ghosts! #TheresAFreakingGhostAfterUs Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 09
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, Chris and Ashley go ghost hunting (and Sam-hunting). We investigate a creepy dollhouse, we further cement our suspicions of who the killer his, we read a dead girls depressing diary, we walk through a door and continue my new nightly tradition of messing myself. We enter the old hotel and we acknowledge that we were terrible friends to Hannah. We then find new evidence about the supposed psychotic evil janitor, our suspicions grow over Chris and his evil smile, and we come across a plethora of clues which make us seriously doubt the supernatural element in our story. There's dead pigs, hooks and chains, an unnerving collection of photos, and a disturbing home movie. We find our friend, are found by an enemy, and recreate a scene from Saw (or The Deer Hunter?). Before ending this episode of our Let’s Play for Until Dawn we get a stern talking to from Dr. Hill and have a quick recap of where we are in our story so far. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 10
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we start at the beginning of Chapter 7: Violence (4 hours until dawn). Mike finds Sam tide to a chair and together they manage to stumble onto the moment we’ve all been waiting for... the big revelation of who are masked psycho is! Afterwards we cut straight to one of our missing, thankfully-not-dead teens who’s trapped in the mine. We review our Events from the Past updates which we’ve forgotten about since first watching them at the start of our game, and I do my best to mentally piece together the deep, dark mysteries of that past. We find more clues to the past and an elevator out of the mine but, wouldn’t ya know it, there’s no power. We find a totem foreseeing a Moe Green future for our poor Emily, we find a tunnel decorated with skulls, fireballs, broken ladders, scary bridges, totems, and, well, basically I just spend the majority of our playthrough contemplating the plotline rather than progressing the actual story — let’s just think of this as a cerebral Let’s Play. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 11 | Emily Mine
Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 11
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we start things off inside of the creepy old mine in the shoes of Emily. Things immediately get interesting as we go full circle finding the scene of our first tragedy in the game. It’s more horrifying than we could have imagined. We find one clue after another as we get closer to learning the fate of the twins. On our way out of the mines, Emily has a close encounter with our mystery man and we’re left with a cliffhanger before being brought back to Josh and his gang of victims. We hear an explanation of Josh’s exploits and we proceed to handle him as delicately as we can. Next up, we start Chapter 8: Revelation and continue on with Emily’s journey — a journey that goes horribly, horribly, HORRIBLY awry. So awry that I had to stop playing tonight. Seriously, my heart is pounding right now. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 12 | The Mystery Man
Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 12
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, I realize too late that I had improper settings running while recording my audio. I tried to fix it in post, but I’m talentless at audio editing. So hopefully it’s no more unbearable than usual. But anywho! Gameplay-wise, we start things off by finishing up our chase from the last video. Luckily, things weren’t QUITE as perilous as before, so that’s good. Emily meets up with the gang at Josh’s house, quickly tries to convey the hell she’s just narrowly survived, and suddenly there’s a mysterious knock at the door. We meet the hero who is going to save us all from certain doom, we learn about wendigo’s, we further piece together the fate of Hannah and Beth, and we send Chris and our savior out on a suicide mission to find dear ol’, wackadoodle Josh. Turns out our savior was just as Scatman Crothers, magical Caucasian plot device. What’s worse? Now we’re in another run-for-our-lives situation — but at least we have a shotgun this time. Once we get back to the group, things once again get harrowing when we suspect one of our friends may be dangerous. Mike leaves to be a hero while we stay behind to read about wendigo. Ashley gets b*tchslapped, we need to get important information to Mike, and Josh has another appointment with insanity. We watch another “Previously on Until Dawn” and I express my feelings of the story thus far before signing out of this episode of our Let’s Play. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 13 | Wendigo City
Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 13
After a brief technology induced hiatus, we’re back with a new episode of our Let’s Play for Until Dawn. We begin things in a horrendous situation: walking into the wendigo lion’s den (the old sanatorium) with Mike. We’re on the hunt for Josh and his key to the cable car. I hesitantly check out some old sights that we’d seen before as I worry incessantly about the inevitable peril that’s in our future. I procrastinate for long periods as I relate my fears and re-check clues, totems, and Events from the Past. We find a torch and a sawed off shotgun, meet back up with man’s best friend, we foresee a terrible future for Mike, I shuffle back and forth all over the place in fear of encountering that future, we find some tombstones, I get reluctantly enter building 2. We find some doctors notes, Wolfie’s poor little buddy, other foreboding signs of danger, and a lot more information on the history of the wendigo miners. Before it’s over, we discover that all our fears are confirmed: we’ve officially entered wendigo city. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 14 | The Beginning of the End
Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 14
Today on our Let’s Play of Until Dawn, we continue where we left off with Mike, in the eerie depths of the old sanitariums wendigo dungeon. First things first, we spend a small amount of time re-checking our totems for potential upcoming danger. We continue through the sanitarium, checking over our shoulder regularly. Our fears are realized not long after. We catch Wolfie on the flipside and explode the sanitarium, freeing up all kinds of evil in the air. Afterwards, we get a brief glimpse of our old galpal, Jess, and proceed to walk in Ashley’s shoes as we accompany Chris, Emily, and Sam through the creepy tunnels and into the creepier sewers. My friends walk off without me, I hear a creepy lady-voice in the darkness, I say “no thankya ma’m”, and we rejoin the group. After all that, we immediately head back to the lodge, inexplicably leaving Sam on her lonesome to hunt down Josh. Where’d we get all these flashlight hats? We don’t know which way to go so I flip a mental coin and get my way back blocked, probably missing at least 30 totems and clues in the process. We find a pipe, we find mike, and we play baseball with a wendigo skull. We hit the 10th and final chapter of our game, Repentance, and have what I’m guessing is probably our last session with Dr. Hill. From there, we jump right into the mind of Josh: and, boy, is it not pretty. We catch back up with Mike and Sam and continue to explore the mines in search for Josh. We find Beth’s not-so-final burial spot and another one of Hannah’s depressing diary’s. Nearing the end or our video, we find Van Helsing, Matt, and Josh. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 15 | END
Nevets Plays Until Dawn - Part 15
Here we are, humans. It’s the grand finale of our Let’s Play of Until Dawn*sniffle*. In the beginning of this end, we start things off in the shoes of our once hated but now weirdly lovable (in a pathetic, we-feel-sorry-for-him sorta way) Josh, as he follows Mike out of the mines. Things turn sour quick once we head into the water and have a horrifying sibling reunion. Next, we meet back up with Jessica for the last time. We help Sam make it back to the lodge, find our last totem of the game, and finish things up in a big, fiery disaster full of mistakes of epic proportions. I convey my final thoughts, opinions, and goodbyes before immediately changing my mind and using technological magic to defy the butterfly effect. We rewind back to where things went wrong and commence a complete do-over of the past, in an attempt to correct our mistakes (fate can suck it). I say my REAL goodbyes and promise to speak to you again soon (probably when I replay for the super happy ending). So this has been great, this has been fun, this has been terrifying, and I’ve enjoyed every heart-stopping moment of it. Until next time — BYE! Click here to watch on YouTube.