Nevets Plays Manhunt (2003 PS2 game) [BLIND]

Let's Play Manhunt (2003) with Nevets (The Gutter Monkey)
Hi, humans. I've decided to try my hand at one of the most scandalous video games of the early 2000's: Manhunt. This was a Rockstar game released in 2003 for the Playstation 2 console. I recently acquired it as part of a classic Rockstar collection of games that I purchased from the PS Store for PS4. This will be a completely blind playthrough with commentary. Also, by the time these videos are uploaded I will have already completed the game.

While I'd heard offhand mention of this title in the past, I was never sure of what it actually was. All I knew was that, "back in the day", it raised a lot of eyebrows from self-righteous prudes and worrywart parents due to its apparently "graphic" violence. This news neither scared me away from the game nor lured me morbidly to it. After all, I grew up in a time when the likes of Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Tarantino, and GTAIII were all getting the same sorta treatment. You couldn't turn on the evening news without someone outcrying about something or bulldozing some singers new album in a weird Fahrenheit 451-esque exhibition. As far as I was concerned, people just liked to complain about things sometimes. Didn't mean nothin'. It was old hat before I was even out of my teens, and all the so-called "wickedness" the naysayers droned on about never turned out to be as shocking as advertised. So hearing about the "graphic violence" in Manhunt barely blipped my radar.

That being said, I recently decided to do some Wikipediaing (I'm not sure how to turn that word into a verb) and actually did find some tidbits about the games notoriety that peeked my interest. Here's a quick copypasta I cobbled together:

► Former Rockstar employee Jeff Williams revealed that even the game's staff were somewhat uncomfortable about the level of violence; "there was almost a mutiny at the company over that game". Williams explained that the game "just made us all feel icky. It was all about the violence, and it was realistic violence. We all knew there was no way we could explain away that game. There was no way to rationalize it. We were crossing a line."

► The violence in the game drew the attention of U.S. Representative Joe Baca, who was the sponsor of a legislation to fine those who sell adult-themed games to players younger than 17. Baca said of Manhunt, "it's telling kids how to kill someone, and it uses vicious, sadistic and cruel methods to kill".

► The Globe and Mail wrote "Manhunt is a venal disconnect for the genre. There's no challenge, just assembly-line, ritualistic slaughter. It's less a video game and more a weapon of personal destruction. This is about stacking bodies. Perhaps the scariest fact of all: Manhunt is so user-friendly that any sharp 12-year-old could navigate through the entire game in one sitting."

► On July 28, 2004, the game was linked to the murder of 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah by his 17-year-old friend Warren Leblanc in Leicestershire, England. Initial media reports claimed that police had found a copy of the game in Leblanc's bedroom.

► In New Zealand, the game was banned on December 11, 2003,with possession deemed an offence.

► Manhunt became the first computer game in Ontario, Canada to be classified as a film and was restricted to adults on February 3, 2004.

► In Germany, the Amtsgericht in Munich confiscated all versions of Manhunt on July 19, 2004 for violation of § 131 StGB ("representation of violence"). According to the court, the game portrays the killing of humans as fun. They also said it glorified vigilantism, which they considered harmful.

Yikes! Quite the rap sheet, huh? By the way, I take umbrage at the guy who said that any sharp 12-year-old could complete this game in one sitting. I found this friggin' thing to be a nightmare to get through, personally. Then again, I have the reflexes of a turtle and the brain of a goldfish, so, granted, this may have been a personal problem (as if I needed anymore).

As far as my nightmarish experience goes, it wasn't until well into things that I began to find any enjoyment in the game. While the violence never bothered me (seemed pretty tame by today's standards), my distaste started with an absolute loathing of the games strange controls. While I eventually adapted to these, and even started getting better at disposing of enemies (well, a little better), my real gripes had to do with Manhunt's lack of story, character development, repetitiveness (aided by my repeated dying and continuing), and the boring environments it placed us in. While I still may have not been good at it, I believe I would've found much more pleasure in Manhunt if these things had been dealt with a tad differently. In the end, I walked away no longer hating the game, but sadly seeing it as an all-in-all mediocre experience. :(

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 01
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 01 (click here to watch)
Hi, humans. Today we begin a new and perilous journey into a very old game: 2003’s Manhunt. While I tested out the controls for a moment last night, it was a quick and uneventful procedure. I knew nothing about this title going in, and I somehow managed to know even less by this videos end.

Anywho. We begin things with another of my patented overly long introductions (if you want to skip ahead, there’s timestamps below) before getting the game going. We’re then thrust into the shoes of deathrow inmate, James Earl Cash, who the world thinks is dead after a faked execution. Instead of dying, however, he’s later awoken in a locked room by a mysterious voice from a speakerphone (played by Brian Cox) who immediately begins barking orders at us. Those orders? Go out in the streets and kill a buncha thugs in the most brutal ways possible while cameras record the whole nasty scene. That’s about as far as I could make out with the plot.

So far, I’m not a huge fan of the actual gameplay. The controls are a bit wacky, in my opinion, and we spend a large portion of this video trying to acclimate ourselves to them (spoiler: we never fully do). We get our first tastes of some vicious executions, I drone on a weird amount about my analog stick, we engage in some embarrassingly bad CQC, we meet “The Hoods” gang, we take pills, play with plastic bags and glass shards, I complain about learning, and we finish things off just as unskilled and confused as we were going in. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 02
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 02 (click here to watch)
Hi, humanoids. On today’s sorta lackluster installment of 2003’s Manhunt, we begin our second scene: Doorway into Hell. An apt enough title, as our experiences within said level indeed prove to be hellish. We start things off by dodging a camera that needn’t be dodged, I’m too slow of a reader to obtain valuable instruction, we come across a hood who’s inadequate in bed yet proficient with a bat, we’re beaten severely (multiple times), we perform a peripheral attack, I misread the writing on the wall (and its intentions), my pessimism over the game is growing, I temporarily forget that radar exists, we learn some new combat moves, and I end things off with a terrible score, some final remarks, and a foreboding lack of enjoyment. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 03
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 03 (click here to watch)
Today we start out our playthrough of 2003’s Manhunt by banging on a trashcan to no avail. We lure a young man into a bathroom, a maniac attacks us in an alley, we get attacked by another maniac in a hallway, and then we die and start back from square one. In our second go, we ring-around-the-trucksy, we spend an inordinate amount of time failing to strategically lure guys into a trap, and then we die again. And then we die again (yes, that’s right... immediately again). Once again, we attempt to use strategy for some stealth kills, we get a Rodney King-esque beatdown, I momentarily confuse the games title with a Hannibal Lector movie you’ve probably not heard of, and I begin to come to the realization of just how long and tedious the road ahead of me is going to be. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 04
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 04 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt, things go horribly awry as I set a new precedent on sucking. Our enemy this time around is a gang of bigots who give us a little bit of head and a whole lotta of death. Rage, swearing, and irrational decisions follow. In fact, don’t even watch this episode. It’ll only make you sad... and likely angry. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 05
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 05 (click here to watch)
Hi, humans. We start off very pessimistic today as we wallow in some residual butthurt from the disastrous events of our previous episode. Sadly, things don’t go too much better this time around, as we deal with a constipated bigot in a trailer, we toy around with a newly acquired nail gun, then die multiple times, having to repeat the aforementioned process ad nauseam (ugh). I finish the scene up pretty messily before giving my final resentful (perhaps overly critical) thoughts of the game thus far. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 06
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 06 (click here to watch)
Alright, humans, here we go again. We top off today’s adventure in the usual fashion by instantly stumbling over some trashcans and getting spotted by some Skinz. Luckily, we survive by cowering in nooks, corners, and shadows for ungodly amounts of times. We ruin a fatties German porn, we continue our partnership with Charlie, I complain about controls, I complain about story, I cuss, I moan, I groan, I stink at running, I die, we find an airplane garage, we get gas, I die again, we smash a man’s skull in (and are unusually pleased with ourselves), we play with a crane, we go into battle armed with a refrigerator, and we lament our failures as I unhappily sign off for the night. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 07
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 07 (click here to watch)
On today’s episode of Manhunt, we continue where we left off on Scene 05, “Fueled by Hate”. Its slow going in the beginning, as I act overly cautious and repeatedly get spotted, but we eventually start getting some fellas down. Next up we have us another crane adventure, a quick nail gun battle, and finally wrap up our fifth scene. Next up with see a weird pig man, see some more generic Nazi’s, and head to the zoo for our sixth scene, Grounds for Assault. We acquire a wire, a new Charlie, a machete, slice off a ton of noggins, I have a brief and bizarre comment about a criminally underappreciated Ray Liotta movie, we grab our first sawn off shotgun, I clarify which Brian Cox I’ve been referring to, and I end things in my most optimistic mood yet. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 08
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 08 (click here to watch)
Hi. My name is Nevets and today I’m presenting you with another exciting installment of my Manhunt gameplay. I die within the first five minutes due to that being how I roll (suffice it to say, I don’t roll well). Later on, we fail at sneaking around and decide to handle things in a slightly more trigger happy fashion. We test out the sawn off shotgun, get our hands on a tranquilizer rifle, and we complete our sixth scene of the game. In our seventh scene, it looks as though we may actually have some character development occurring, or perhaps even plot forming, when Cash’s family is kidnapped and in need of rescue. I immediately cause several tragedies to occur and my mood plummets. We end things off with me being an unobservant dope who fails to see the tied up human right in front of me. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 09
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 09 (click here to watch)
Today we begin by saying we cheated. After reviewing our previous episode, however, it turns out we didn’t cheat at all. So that’s good. I feel a little less cheap now. Anywho. We proceed right back at the start of our seventh scene, “Strapped for Cash”, and manage to carry ourselves slightly better (rest assured, it’s still awful) this time around. In the end, we somehow manage to turn out as a hero, and all I can figure is that the game felt sorry for us or we had Gump levels of luck. We also find ourselves drugged, encounter the dumbest NPC so far, and trapes into the jaws of a fish door before signing out. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 10
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 10 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt we walk into the mouth of a shark. We’re at a zoo, so I guess it’s the aquarium area? Who the hell knows in this game. In order to stay consistent with our previous episodes, we once again get spotted right off the bat, get tranquilized, and then make our way into Hell. Directly following this, we’re thrust into our eighth scene, where we’re locked in a mall and trade our slow and stealthy ways for a level of fast-paced gunplay. Turns out the addition of firearms makes things much easier and we complete our eighth scene with time to spare. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 11
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 11 (click here to watch)
Hi. Today on our playthrough of Manhunt we’re apparently lonely and in need of a compadre. His name’s Trampy. He’s got some problems, but he grows on you. And as far as escort missions go, this one actually wasn’t too shabby. Dare I say... I kinda even enjoyed it. Is it possible that Manhunt is finally beginning to win me over? Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 12
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 12 (click here to watch)
Hi. Today on our playthrough of Manhunt, we start off by heading to the loading bay of some place for some reason. Who the hell knows what’s going on in this game? Not this guy. We’ve lost Trampy and start blowing off craniums from the get-go. This trigger happy atmosphere continues throughout the level, luckily resulting in only one death. We take some lifts, I speak like a baby, I’ve quit listening to Brian, bad guys can’t use doors, and we complete our tenth scene lickety-split. In our eleventh scene, we head to Darkwoods Penitentiary, where the lunatics have taken over the asylum and we’re tasked with taking out the hunter patrolling the guard tower next to the Guard Room. This is an objective which I forget instantly after hearing it. We electrocute a guy, grab us a new Charlie, get blamed for the domestic indiscretions of transgender Nirvana groupies, we die again, get gas, blow a thing up, and reach our save point in the nick of time (my recordings automatically cut off after an hour). Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 13
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 13 (click here to watch)
Hi, humans. Today on Manhunt we’re wiggling around all fat and white and full of head-juice. Off-screen, I had to replay this level up to the point where we left off due to the game not auto-saving at our checkpoints (who knew?!). But I’m sure you can’t tell a difference. Anyway, we’re immediately faced with a ton of well-armed enemies who kill us a couple of times until we eventually make it upstairs to accidentally complete our eleventh scene objective which we’d completely forgotten about. After checking out our horrendous score, we begin our twelfth scene, Doing Time. We’re tasked with finding a hammer, yet — as usual — the instructions go by too quick for my feeble young mind to catch them. After finding the tool in question, we’re tasked with committing a violent and gruesome execution on some enemies. Sadly, it didn’t occur to silly me that these “violent” and “gruesome” executions were actually two different things, however, so I end up spending over half our video just doing gruesome kills on an endless supply of bad guys. Whoopsy. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 14
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 14 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt, we begin things by reading our instructions for once. Turns out they’re a big help. Who knew? By our thirteenth minute, we finally arrive at our second checkpoint for this level. You’d think things would go smoothly then, right? Well, you’d be wrong. Very, very wrong. There are a lot of deaths in this video. It’s quite depressing. In fact, I’d rather not speak about it any further. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 15
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 15 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt, James Earl is in Wonderland. We’re tasked with following a white rabbit and are made to fight through an army of baddies to do so. I show off my keen skills of perception by overlooking a non-hidden door lever and repeatedly mistaking shotgun shells for a save point, I die several times, and that’s all just within the first 10 minutes. By our sixteenth minute, however, we start getting our crap together and thing begin going more-or-less smoothly as we go on a deadly shotgunning spree throughout the prison. Near the end of the level, things once again get a tad hairy as we hit a sniper rifle area. But after a few attempts we get the hang of it. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 16
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 16 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt, our old pal Brian has officially abandoned us and sought the Calvary on our ass. We start out a little rough, but we’ve done worse (never underestimate the perks of setting a low bar for yourself). After a long time sneaking around outside, we eventually make it to an apartment building where things become a bulletfest. We end todays episode off with a race against time as we’re tasked to kill Ramirez before he can call for backup. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 17
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 17 (click here to watch)
Today on our adventures in Manhunting, we begin traveling with our new reporter friend to her apartment. Our enemies this time around appear to be none other than the po-po themselves, the CCPD. We drop her off, do some sniping, do some shooting, get shot some, die some, and basically have a grand old time. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 18
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 18 (click here to watch)
Hi, humans. Today on Manhunt we head to the subway station. We fight with some coppers, we experiment with some new weaponry, run around in the dark, we fail at answering a payphone, and our sixteenth level ends on our abrupt note yet. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 19
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 19 (click here to watch)
Hi, humanoids. Today we start things off with a brief glimpse of a bizarre pig man for some reason and then we fight our way to the train yard. From here, things get hairy quick. After a couple of deaths, I decide my sleepiness is causing me to play too crumby, so I pause the game, take a nap, and seamlessly begin again the next night without you being able to tell a difference — the biggest lack of difference, unfortunately, being that I’m not playing any better (so much for the sleepy excuse). In total, I die 12 times and finish off today’s grueling excursion without having made much progress whatsoever. *sigh* Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 20
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 20 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt we’re right back where we were yesterday, hopefully trapped at the railroad tracks, desperately trying to reach the end of this god forsaken level. My frustrating is apparent from the get-go as, just like with our last video, we’re repeatedly shot dead. I end up going on a weirdly long, mostly incoherent diatribe about Let’s Plays, and we end up making a surprising amount of progress after doing so. As usual, this progress is turns out to be in vain as we die before reaching a checkpoint and are forced to start over... again. Skip to 28:00 if you want to avoid that tediousness. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 21
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 21 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt we finally finish up our long and arduous journey through the railroad tracks. We snipe some goons, get tazed and kidnapped by some new goons, and begin our eighteenth scene. Facebook breaks our fourth wall, I get scared and make bad decisions, we get a gasmask Charlie, we headshot our way to our first checkpoint, then we die repeatedly in a hedge maze. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 22
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 22 (click here to watch)
Today on Manhunt, we start off low on health with bad guys just beyond the horizon. I make some predictions of death and whining in our future that are so eerily prescient they could put Kreskin to shame (granted, I could’ve made this prediction with every episode and had it be just as prescient). We find ourselves on a seemingly endless loop as we repeatedly attempt to take out a sniper at Brian’s mansion (I guess it’s Brian’s?), we end up getting annoyed and fast-forward through the monotony and finish our eighteenth scene like the trembling little coward we are. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 23
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 23 (click here to watch)
Hi, humans. Today on Manhunt, we’ve made our way into the cellar of Brian’s mansion. We stalk through hallways, dodge security cameras, die a bunch, fast-forward some (even though I call it “rewinding”), then get fed up and decide to Rambo our way to the next checkpoint. It’s messy business, but surprisingly effective. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 24
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 24 (click here to watch)
Hi, humans. Today I am back to play some more Manhunt. While from the (hypothetical) viewers perspective it may have been just yesterday when I uploaded the last episode, that’s all just internet magic (scheduled automatic uploads). In reality, it’s been about three or four weeks since I’ve played that last episode and, boy... you thought things were bad before? Prepare for your cringe to have its own cringe.

We start off where we left off in the Starkweather residence. We’d just John Wicked our way through half the building, and we continue that stealthless strategy this time around (I instantly regret this course of action after observing our final score at the end of the level). We aimlessly roam around the building, busting caps in whatever enemies we see before finally taking the time to pause the game and find out our objectives. Turns out that we’re required to power on an elevator and snag an elevator key from some guy. I proceed to spend 20 minutes dying in the exact same spot and we complete Scene 19 with our worst score ever.

Great to be back, Manhunt. Great to be back... Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 25
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 25 (click here to watch)
Hi, humanoids. Today we begin scene numero 20 of the 2003 video game, Manhunt. It's entitled “Deliverance" and, in it, we meet and spend the majority of today’s time with a mysterious, well-endowed porker named Piggsy. It’s as disturbing and uncomfortable as it sounds. We eventually get him sorted out (after a quick struggle with our conscience) and make our way upstairs. However, after a quick taste of the action up there, I decide it’s probably best to throw in the towel and call it a night. But I’ll be back next time with what’s HOPEFULLY our final episode of Manhunt. Until then! Click here to watch on YouTube.

Let's Play Manhunt - Part 26
Nevets Plays Manhunt - Part 26 (click here to watch)
Here it is, folks, our final episode of 2003’s Manhunt. In the end, I’ve enjoyed it more than I did in the beginning but, on the whole, I was never drawn completely in by this game. I’ve had fun recording my gameplay of it, though, and it was cool experiencing one of Rockstar’s most notorious titles firsthand (even if I did pull most of my hair out). Until next time. Click here to watch on YouTube.