Nevets Plays Alien: Isolation – Part 01 | Searching for the Nostromo

Let's Play Alien: Isolation - Part 01

Today we begin a blind playthrough of Alien: Isolation (2014) on hard difficulty. From what I understand, this game takes place between the first Alien (1979) movie and its sequel, Aliens (1986). We jump into the shoes of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda, who’s spent the last 15 years trying to find out what happened to her mom and the crew of the Nostromo (the ship from the original movie). We get word that the flight recorder from the Nostromo was recently found by a ship named Anesidora and is currently being held on a space station known as Sevastopol. Along with a small crew, we hitch a ride with a courier ship called Torrens in order to pick up the recorder up from Sevastopol. Upon our arrival, we find that our mission isn’t going to be as routine as we’d expected. We get ominous messages from Sevastopol before losing all communication and the station itself is too destroyed to dock onto. Our only option is to space walk over to it. Unsurprisingly, this goes disastrously wrong and Amanda (that’s us) now finds herself stranded and alone on a dark and scary ship where something has gone terribly wrong. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Equipment used in the making of this Let’s Play
► Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone: (affiliate)
► Adobe Premiere Pro CC: (affiliate)
► Adobe Audition CC: (affiliate)
► Audacity: (FREE)
► Voicemeeter: (FREE)
► Playstation 4 built-in recording software.
► Avermedia Live Gamer Portable game capture device: (affiliate)
► Alien: Isolation: (affiliate)

Gameplay Information
► Game title: Alien Isolation (2014)
► Difficulty: Hard
► Gaming System: Playstation 4
► Video Type: Full, unedited Let’s Play gameplay with commentary.
► Playthrough type: Blind Playthrough
► Player Species: Homo sapiens
► Player Subspecies: Gutter Monkey
► Player Name: Nevets
► Player REAL Name: It'll come to you.