Nevets Plays Alien: Isolation – Part 08 | Scimed Tower

Let's Play Alien: Isolation - Part 08

Today on Alien: Isolation, we RE-SNEAK around some of the Working Joes from our last video. This is due to me not saving my progress before quitting last time. I began doing this before recording (so you wouldn’t have to watch this again) but I found a cool hidden Alien film reference on my way to do it. Figured it may be record-worthy. Anywho. This little adventure doesn’t take us too long this time around and we make it back to the transit station. Here is where we have a terrifying and fatal close encounter. Call it a surprise cameo. We next head out to the Scimed Tower where we find Samuels and Nina in a not-so-good state. We’re tasked to find a trauma kit in order to help them out. To do this, we search out San Cristobal Medical Facility. We meet a lazy Dr. Kuhlman who directs us where to go to next. This leads us to a Dr. Morley’s office where we conclude today’s festivities with a breach in our area. (My recording screwed up at the VERY end of this video and I had to improvise a little, in case you’re wondering about anything strange while we’re reading Morley’s computer). Click here to watch on YouTube or check out the video below to watch it from here.

Equipment used in the making of this Let’s Play
► Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone: (affiliate)
► Adobe Premiere Pro CC: (affiliate)
► Adobe Audition CC: (affiliate)
► Audacity: (FREE)
► Voicemeeter: (FREE)
► Playstation 4 built-in recording software.
► Avermedia Live Gamer Portable game capture device: (affiliate)
► Alien: Isolation: (affiliate)

Gameplay Information
► Game title: Alien Isolation (2014)
► Difficulty: Hard
► Gaming System: Playstation 4
► Video Type: Full, unedited Let’s Play gameplay with commentary.
► Playthrough type: Blind Playthrough
► Player Species: Homo sapiens
► Player Subspecies: Gutter Monkey
► Player Name: Nevets
► Player REAL Name: It'll come to you.