Nevets Plays Alien: Isolation – Part 19 | Betrayed, Lost, and Alone

Nevets Plays Alien: Isolation – Part 19 | Betrayed, Lost, and Alone
Let's Play Alien: Isolation - Part 19
Hello, earthlings. Today on Alien: Isolation, we’re stabbed in the back by the double crossing Waits. Lost, alone, and floating through space, we somehow manage to make our way back to where we began at the beginning of the game. And if that weren’t enough, I get lost and backtrack even more. We run into some homicidal Working Joes, we find a shotgun, and we spend a very long time trying to open some shutters. I cut out a bunch of backtracking in order to prevent this video from being 10 hours long. We end the video by going from one state of lost confusion to another.

Equipment used in the making of this Let’s Play
► Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone: (affiliate)
► Adobe Premiere Pro CC: (affiliate)
► Adobe Audition CC: (affiliate)
► Audacity: (FREE) 
► Voicemeeter: (FREE)
► Playstation 4 built-in recording software.
► Avermedia Live Gamer Portable game capture device: (affiliate)
► Alien: Isolation: (affiliate)

Gameplay Information
► Game title: Alien Isolation (2014)
► Difficulty: Hard
► Gaming System: Playstation 4
► Video Type: Full, unedited Let’s Play gameplay with commentary.
► Playthrough type: Blind Playthrough 
► Player Species: Homo sapiens
► Player Subspecies: Gutter Monkey
► Player Name: Nevets
► Player REAL Name: It'll come to you.

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