Nevets Plays Alien: Isolation – Part 26 | The Anesidora

Nevets Plays Alien: Isolation – Part 26 | The Anesidora
Let's Play Alien: Isolation - Part 26
Today on our Let’s Play of Alien: Isolation, we’re back to being Alien prey. Only this time the predators have multiplied. My cowardice is at an all time high. We take the stealthiest train imaginable to Scimed Tower. The Anesidora is hovering nearby with Marlow and Nina onboard, and we need to hitch onto it. We travel back to the scene of Waits’ fiery Alien trap, we get an upgraded tuner, and we make it to our destination. Nina’s a hostage and Waits is on a kamikaze mission to save the day. We’ve gotta stop him but things don’t go quite as planned.

Equipment used in the making of this Let’s Play
► Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone: (affiliate)
► Adobe Premiere Pro CC: (affiliate)
► Adobe Audition CC: (affiliate)
► Audacity: (FREE) 
► Voicemeeter: (FREE)
► Playstation 4 built-in recording software.
► Avermedia Live Gamer Portable game capture device: (affiliate)
► Alien: Isolation: (affiliate)

Gameplay Information
► Game title: Alien Isolation (2014)
► Difficulty: Hard
► Gaming System: Playstation 4
► Video Type: Full, unedited Let’s Play gameplay with commentary.
► Playthrough type: Blind Playthrough 
► Player Species: Homo sapiens
► Player Subspecies: Gutter Monkey
► Player Name: Nevets
► Player REAL Name: It'll come to you.