Nevets Plays Asemblance - Part 02 | Morgan's in the Hat??? [BLIND]

Today on Asemblance, we head back to explore our creepy simulated apartment. We find out that we had a wife (I think), we contemplate our own sex and sexual orientation, we decide to stay more conscious of clocks (too bad we don't stick to this plan), we fat shame our other half before getting in her drawers, we listen to an ominous answering machine message from someone who may or may not be ourselves, we permanently embed 55-8F into our consciousness (and my notepad), my Pac Man text tone goes off and I don't address it, I get scared by a painting of a little girl and a photo of a little boy, our computer has an attitude problem, I doubt my own reality, we head back to the office, we accomplish nothing and go back home, we theorize that Morgan may be trapped in headware (I'm an idiot), we read some books, we Deadly Premonition our coffee, we may or may not have a monolith in our bedroom, we go back to the woods, we're shoved by what I can only assume was a ghost (or paranoid expectations), we find a book in the woods, a leaf causes me to deficate myself, and I jump down a futile, time-consuming rabbit hole and decide to jumpcut over it (you're welcome). We find ourselves back in our office, I once again confuse The Office and Office Space, let me just say "office" again, and I finally make some accidental progress in the game. We wrap things up by time travelling in a simulation and abruptly jump-cutting over a digression.