Nevets Plays Asemblance - Part 03 | To Catch a Predator [BLIND]

Today on Asemblance, we time travel through our memories and hear an ominous answering machine message from our wife (I guess she's our wife?). We head to simulated home to find a simulated power outage and a simulated shadow of a simulated woman/predator in the doorway of our simulated bathroom. Our jerky AI companion gives us the boot, however, and we once again find ourselves confused and without direction (not that we've ever been anything but, of course). Anyone else find it suspicious that we can carry our flashlight out of one simulation and into another? Hmm. Anyways, we're forced to head back to the office to bury ourselves in our work. We check out some crossed out names, I struggle to read words, and we stumble across a hidden room courtesy of our new, compact, simulated flashlight. We find a blueprint of our holodeck place and end things off with a plan to shut that mug down. Or something.