Nevets Plays Asemblance - Part 04 | The Truth? [BLIND]

Today on Asemblance, we travel into a dark and dust-particley new area where we press a big, red, mislabeled button. We have some more memories of 2001: A Space Odyssey, we follow the blinky, ghostly presence of our mysterious lady friend, we jump-cut into a dark and creepy room with a clock in it, and we take a trip through a seemingly infinite journey of repetition which, honestly, isn’t too much of a deviation from the rest of this game thus far. Somehow we transform into the Starchild and we’re thrust back to the main menu. Jumping back into the game, we ride the butterfly train to ghost town. We then have a little idle chit-chat with our slightly-less-creepy ghost lady. Mimicking my real-life encounters with the opposite sex, however, the conversation goes nowhere. After a little more fumbling and bumbling, we find “the truth” — whatever that means — and are, again, thrust back to the main menu. Don’t ask me.