Nevets Plays Asemblance - Part 05 | Kifflom [BLIND]

Today on Asemblance, I continue to be lost in perplexity. We wander around aimlessly for a while as I ramble, vent frustrations, and lament my feeble mind. Eventually, however, we find a couple of new clues, including a letter on loss and a hole. We zip back to Woodland Ridge and sidestep our ghost wife to take another gander at our old blue butterfly friend. Surprisingly, it makes a difference and plops our little pal even further into our kooky little world. Which only makes things kookier and harder to understand now that we’re looking at like through Viagra lenses. Oh, and after a little more snooping, we encounter what appears to be a brochure from The Epsilon Program and an obituary from the Twilight Zone. Ugh. I don’t know what the hell. Kifflom.