Nevets Plays Outlast - Part 02 | Security Control [BLIND]

Let's Play OUTLAST

Today on Outlast, we open up with an instant déjà vu jump scare as we head back into the dark and sinister library. Moments later, we encounter yet another fright when we’re suddenly grabbed by a hideous man calling us a little pig. We’re tossed down to the first floor, meet Father Locke, and we proceed on our new objective to access Security Control and unlock the main doors. We read some documents, belt out a little John Denver, read the psychiatric notes of Chuck Norris, encounter Lord Voldemort, and interrupt TV time with One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. We backtrack, slip in some blood, we find Aunt Flow’s restroom, someone pooped a hand, my terror keeps me moving at a snail’s pace, we meet a witness and take a notes break. We finally find the Security room, only to realize we’re lacking a keycard. Typical. We muse over Murkoff’s and murkin’s, inadvertently kill an elevator repairman, and sign off before out next adventure. Until then.