Nevets Plays Outlast - Part 03 | The Generator [BLIND]

Let's Play OUTLAST
Today on Outlast, we set off in search of the Security room’s keycard. Since the Electric Room is locked off, we backtrack our way to the TV room, where we nervously attempt to not disturb some wacko’s. After getting what we came for, we’re attacked by Voldemort, who’s blathering nonsense and asking for our help. We learn to run and look over our shoulder, then make our way back to the Security room, where we unlock the front door before heading home and living happily after. Just kidding. Everything goes terribly wrong. We resort to hiding in lockers and scurrying around in a dark and horrifying basement in an attempt to start a generator. Again, things don’t go well. They go down right awful, in fact. We’ll do better next time.