Nevets Plays Outlast - Part 07 | A Consultation with 'Doctor' Trager [BLIND]

Let's Play OUTLAST
Today on Outlast, we meet a friendly sewer freak, we feel bicurious, it's raining men (hallelujah), we get lost in sewer lake, we have a serious battery deficit, Walker is the Wagner to our Natalie Wood, we enter a male ward (ew), we're assaulted by the Elephant Man, we peek into Hitler's bedroom, we crawl through a river of blood and come out clean on the other side. Then things get bad. Way bad, as we play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Deadsie Twins and become intimately acquainted with "doctor" Rick Trager, who's — not to point fingers (rimshot) — a doucheball to the utmost degree.