Nevets Plays Outlast - Part 11 | We Lost Our Camera! [BLIND]

Let's Play OUTLAST
Today on Outlast, we get back to following Father Martin's blood trail. Whatever happened to the wholesome days of bread crumbs? Eh? *sigh* Anyways, we've still got our wits, all eight fingers, our first step's a doozy, we read a document about a poor woman's hysteria, the buzzing won't stop, we pop in uninvited to naked room (to dire results), and we finally lose our beloved camcorder. We go toward the lights, Netflix breaks our immersion, I discriminate against orange jumpsuits, we're pursued and beaten by a gang of crazed hoodlums, and who knew we could climb lockers? With our reacquired, banged-up camera, we continue our hunt for Father Martin, only to find him motionless and strangely penetrable (er...), standing in an archway. We're again faced with Chris Walker (is there anywhere this guy isn't?), we interact with a deceased vent man, and we end things off with a reminiscence of better times.