Nevets Plays Outlast 2 - Part 01 | Here we go again [BLIND]

Let's Play Outlast 2 - Part 1
Today we begin Outlast 2, and I am super excited about it. Things get creepy before the camera even begins to roll, courtesy of a Trent Reznor-esque main menu theme, we dream of Jessica (whoever that is), it's raining sperm, our helicopter hits a cloud, there's a white light, a Jesus, a high school, a man-shaped cactus, some sacrifices, ugly baby dolls (classic), we learn about Papa Knoth, Tom's a guilt-ridden cuck, a stupid bird gifts us with our first jump scare (and my first lady-like yelp), and I'm already missing some undoubtedly tantalizing documents. We're back, baby!