Nevets Plays Outlast 2 - Part 05 | Pain and Wailing [BLIND]

Nevets Plays Outlast 2 - Part 5
Today on Outlast 2, we pull the chain, gore breaks our fall, we see more lights in the sky, music of birds is apparently proof that God exists and loves us, there's a Trump rally ahead, we're reunited with Gus (or Skull Face?), our screws are coming loose, we get stuck under some stairs; seriously, this string orchestra needs to meet a tragic end; we read more Penthouse Forums, we learn about Armageddon's genitals, elevators are atheists, we find a shish keRobert, we open a door and do our best Nicole Simpson impression, there's pain, there's wailing, we find Heaven's Gate's apartment room, and we end with a chase to god knows where.