Nevets Plays The Bunker - Part 01 | Nuclear Boy [BLIND]

Let's Play The Bunker - Part 01
Hidey, humans. Today we begin our first playthrough of the 2016 video game, The Bunker. We play as John, an 80's baby who's born and grows up in an underground bunker after a nuclear explosion takes place on the surface. Cut to 30 years later, and it's just John and his mother surviving day by day in an oddly Bates Motel fashion. We experience tragedy, go about our daily routines, and soon find that we may be about to start glowing in the dark if we don't take action. Keeping with my Urkel-esque gaming tradition, I instantly have technical errors on our very first episode here, resulting in gameplay footage that's choppy as all heck. Luckily, I edited this video in the future, after having already completed the game, so I went back and simply replayed this first 30 minutes in tune with my commentary. So if you notice any quick cuts, that's just me making sure everything stays in sync. I also mistakenly left a fan running at what I can only fathom were supersonic speeds during my recording, causing background noise that I had to cut out (the removal of which results in our audio sounding a tad less than pristine. Sorry about that. But ANYWHO… let's play The Bunker!