Nevets Plays The Bunker

Let's Play The Bunker
This is my first, blind playthrough of the 2016 video game, The Bunker. This is a live action adventure game, somewhat in the style of Bandersnatch (which was released a couple of years after). We take on the role of John, an Englishman who was born in an underground bunker after nuclear war breaks out above ground in 1986. While the bunker held many survivors, 30 years later it's only John and his mother who remain; and now she's dying too. What happened down there? Where did everyone else go? How will John survive on his own? How do we know when it'll be safe to go outside? dun dun dunnnnn...

This was a pretty fun and really short little video game/interactive movie that, while nothing too spectacular, I nevertheless enjoyed. Check out the playlist below to watch the full playthrough, or keep scrolling to select individual episodes.

Let's Play The Bunker - Part 01

Let's Play The Bunker - Part 02
Let's Play The Bunker - Part 03
Let's Play The Bunker - Part 04

Let's Play The Bunker - Part 05