Nevets Plays Resident Evil (HD Remaster) - Part 01 | The Mansion [BLIND]

Let's Play Resident Evil
Hi. Today I begin my first full playthrough of the 1996 Capcom game, Resident Evil. This is the 2002 HD Remaster of the game and we're taking on the role of Jill. Taking place in 1998, contact with the Bravo team of the police force. S.T.A.R.S., is lost while investigating a series weird murders in Racoon City. Our team, the Alpha team, is sent to find them in an isolated spot in the woods. Things get hairy, when we're attacked by a pack of monstrous canines who proceed chase us into a seemingly abandoned mansion. We're now stranded. And it looks like we're not alone. I'm super excited for this one.