Bigotry Vs. Probability | Are the Oscars Too White and Too Male?

And the award goes to...
Hi. Today, I'm going to share my opinions on the alleged racism and sexism said to be responsible for the lack of diversity in award shows (and elsewhere). While, on its surface, this may seem of minor importance, I feel this situation may actually be a symptom of a larger problem of the world. A problem that's worth discussing. (Also, I've not uploaded anything in a long time, and this news story gave me an excuse to do that. *Ahem*)

• 3:54 - Female Directors
• 5:59 - Racial Demographics
• 7:25 - My Beads Experiment (foiled by poor lighting and a crap camera, but hopefully the point isn't lost)
• 10:53 - Irresponsible Assumptions
• 12:25 - The Bigotry of Overcompensation
• 15:00 - Epilogue

(apologies for the plosives; the mic was too close)