Did Kirk Douglas Really Rape Natalie Wood? Let's Investigate 🔎

Kirk Douglas, Natalie Wood, and the #MeToo era
Hi. Yesterday, Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas, finally bit the big one. It's so weird, I'd just re-watched his 1951 Billy Wilder film, Ace in the Hole, just the other day. Like everything else he was in, he was great. And he'll be missed worldwide.

However, many of Douglas' honors were overshadowed (on social media, at least) by a rumor that quickly began circulating around claiming that in the 1950s Douglas had allegedly raped then 16-year-old actress, Natalie Wood. Having never heard this shocking rumor before, I decided to do a bit of a deep dive into its origins to find out if it had any legs. In this video, I document what I found.