Heretics, Blasphemers, and Demons | Victims of the Intolerant Cult of Woke

Well, it looks like the Disciples of Wokeness have set their crosshairs on a new heretic they wish to banish into the cancelverse. This time around it's Harvard cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker. His crime? Criticizing the current dominant belief system, of course.

(click here to see my dissection of the claims against him)

Just as the Inquisition had Galileo Galilei arrested and Giordano Bruno burnt at the stake for daring to follow science and go against the common beliefs of their time (that the earth was the center of the universe), so to do the Disciples of Wokeness seek to punish their heretics. Granted, in a slightly less barbaric manner. Firings, forced resignations and retirements, online bullying and harassment, shaming, doxing, and social ostracization are the whips, flames, and chains they prefer (or, at least, it's all they can get away with).

Ye olde #GiordanoBrunoIsOverParty
Here's a link to the open letter to LSA, in which members give their reasoning for wanting to cancel "remove" (they assure us it isn't a "cancel") Pinker as one of its media experts and distinguished fellows.

Now, I'm not going to lie. For the most part, I don't know squat about the LSA. I have, however, read some of Steven Pinker's books and have listened to him speak on numerous occasions. And, as per usual with these things, there's zero evidence that he's either a racist, a sexist, or any of the other scathing labels that are so prematurely (and recklessly) being slung about.

No longer, though, is "hate" limited to people who actually hate. The spectrum of what's considered bigotted has been so widened, to such an extreme, that all one really has to do is to not perfectly align with every bullet point in the Woke Doctrine. Particularly if it's a bullet point related to race or gender.

• You agree that gays should have equal rights? Good.

• You're pro-choice? Perfect.

• You believe that we should work to fight climate change? Great.

• You agree that we need harsher gun control laws? Excellent. 

• You think affirmative action has been helpful? You better. 

• You don't think law enforcement is inherently racist? What?! WHITE SUPREMACIST! 

• You think we should refrain from believing all accusers until more evidence comes in? SEXIST ANIMAL!

While this may sound hyperbolic, it's sadly not. This jaw-droppingly irrational mindset is the current mode of thinking. It's widespread and quickly becoming the societal norm. And it's enough to get anyone excommunicated. Not just from their own political party, but from society as a whole. 

As for non-liberals/democrats, well, you guys may as well be Klansmen (or Klanswomen). Saying you're a conservative or that you support Donald Trump is now akin to saying you're pro-lynching (and, as evidence from the likes of Candace Owens, your color is irrelevant in this). Stating the phrase "all lives matter" is seen as a blatant call for the Führer. And sharing evidence or statistics to support your disagreements? Oh, my. Heaven forbid.

It's somewhat reminiscent of when I'd argue with climate change deniers. I'd give them sources, from actual scientific studies, and when their cognitive dissonance set in they shifted to the classic conspiratorial defenses: the evidence is doctored; the researchers were paid off; there's a coverup at play. 

When the evidence doesn't fit people's beliefs, their first (and typically only) assumption is that the problem must rest in the evidence; not in their own reasoning. They're so convinced in their ideas, those ideas have been so reinforced in their communities, that they find no reason to doubt themselves. "If this many people believe it, it can't be wrong", the brain cries. All the while, completely oblivious of the argumentum ad populum fallacy at play.

In this case, statistics are assumed to be untrustworthy due to the fact that they've originated from sources such as the FBI. The FBI basically being equated with the racist police. So, of course, why trust them? Unless, that is, they supply you with information that supports your cause. In which case, why would they lie?

And when we choose not to trust them, what exactly is the data that we're meant to use? Are we even meant to use data? Or are we supposed to blindly follow the faith of our new dogmatic overlords? Overlords who, at most, merely give us questionable anecdotes and debatable correlations?

The failure in this line of reasoning is that they're trying to discount the evidence we do have without actually putting forth evidence of their own. As if, when faced with an absence of evidence, we should automatically default to their belief (i.e., racism). This is a classic God of the Gaps argument. Only, it's a Racism of the Gaps.

This is the way things have become. And, being more liberally aligned, myself, I find it not only depressing but embarrassing. That this is the inconsistent emotional reasoning that my "side" uses. Truth be told, however, I find it kind of eye-opening. As I should have never been trusting any "side" at all.

Like Galileo and Bruno, all Pinker was guilty of was sharing inconvenient facts and politely giving opposing opinions. Yet, like those victims of the Inquisition, that's all it takes to bring a person down in this increasingly dogmatic "civilized society" of ours.

None of this is new. In fact, it's become scarily normal. Below is a list of some examples:
  • NBA announcer, Grant Napear, was fired for making the comment "All lives matter".
  • A UCLA professor, Gordon Klein, was placed on leave after refusing to cancel an exam after George Floyd's death.
  • Radio host, Stu Peters, was suspended after questioning the concept of "white privilege".
  • Chief reporter of Western Mail, Martin Shipton, was forced to step down as a Wales Book of the Year judge, after criticizing protests for breaking social distancing rules.
  • An editor for the New York Times has "resigned" after posting an opinion piece by a republican senator who suggested deploying military to deter rioters.
  • The Philidelphia Inquirer's top editor, Stan Wischnowski, was forced to resign because a headline on an article in the paper about building destroyed in the riots read “Buildings Matter, Too.”
  • Hundreds of poets are calling for the president of the US Poetry Foundation to be fired because its statement last week saying it "stands in solidarity with the Black community, and denounces injustice and systemic racism" didn't go far enough.
  • Cornell students demand Chemistry Prof. David Collum be fired for tweeting that Buffalo incident was not police brutality.
  • UCLA has launched an inquiry after students complained about a white politics lecture – a US Air Force veteran – reading aloud Martin Luther King's "Letter From Birmingham Jail" which includes the n-word. The lecture was about the history of racism.
  • The editor-in-chief of Bon Appetit, Adam Rapoport, has stood down after a piece he wrote genuflecting to BLM was judged to be insufficiently pious by his staff (and he wore an inappropriate Halloween costume 13 years ago).
  • Christene Barberich, editor and co-founder of Refinery29, has stepped down after a number of former Refinery29 employees came forward on social media in to describe discrimination they experienced while working at the company.
  • Dee Nguyen fired from MTV's The Challenge after posting "People die every f***ing day" in response to Black Lives Matter protest.
  • Claudia Eller, Editor-in-Chief of Variety, has been forced to take "administrative leave" after snapping back when a person of color criticized her self-flagellating article about the lack of diversity at Variety for being insufficiently pious.
  • LA Galaxy player Aleksandar Katai was fired following Instagram posts made by his wife, Tea Katai, about BLM protestors.
  • Leading economists are calling for Harald Uhlig, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, to be fired as editor of the Journal of Political Economy because he criticized the BLM movement.
  • Stockwell Day, a former Canadian cabinet minister, has lost three jobs following a television appearance last week in which he said he didn't think Canada was a racist country, most Canadians are not racist and the system is not systemically racist.
  • Nigel Farage has left his LBC radio show "with immediate effect" after "talks with bosses" 48 hours after he compared BLM protestors to the Taliban.
  • David Shore, a 28-year-old data scientist, has been fired for tweeting an article by a biracial Princeton African-American studies scholar suggesting that rioting is politically counterproductive.
  • Jessica Mulroney, has been fired from Canadian reality show I Do, Redo and Meghan Markle's best friend, after getting into an argument about BLM with a black influencer on Instagram.
  • Condé Nast vice president Matt Duckor has left the company after being accused of failing to include non-white talent in Bon Appétit's video content and making inappropriate jokes on Twitter.
  • Ben Mulroney, the husband of Jessica Mulroney, is "stepping down" as host of eTalk on CBC after his wife lost her own job as a presenter on CBC (and was disowned by "best friend" Meghan Markle) after an Instagram spat with a black influencer.
  • CBC News host Wendy Mesley has been suspended from hosting The Weekly, pending an investigation, after using an inappropriate word in an internal discussion about race. The word she used has not been disclosed.
  • Tiffany Riley, the headmistress of a high school in Windsor, Vermont, has been forced to take "administrative leave" after writing a Facebook post in which she said, “Just because I don’t walk around with a BLM sign should not mean I am a racist.”
  • Tom McGrath, the editor of Philly Mag, is "stepping down" after staff sent a memo to parent company, Metrocorp, pointing out the magazine “has not taken sufficient action as a publication to combat systemic racism... "
  • Emmanuel Cafferty, a Hispanic truck driver, has been fired after a fellow driver put a picture of his arm hanging out of his truck window on Twitter and claimed it was the white power symbol. A BLM protest was taking place nearby.
  • Shropshire Council leader Peter Nutting has been invited to undertake equality and diversity training by the Chief Executive of Shropshire Council after saying "all lives matter", which another councilor described as "naive".
  • The Chair of the Board of Governors at British Columbia University, Michael Korenberg, has resigned after liking tweets criticizing Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors.
  • The Rev. Daniel Patrick Moloney has been forced to resign as a chaplain of MIT after sending an email to students in which he questioned whether racism was a motive in the killing of George Floyd and pointed out had a criminal record.
  • A top curator at the Metropolitan Museum has been accused by 15 colleagues of being a "white supremacist" because he posted a message on Instagram saying he didn't think statues and monuments should be destroyed by revolutionary mobs.
  • Jill Snyder, who has served as Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland for 23 years, has been forced to resign after canceling an exhibition dealing with police killings of black and Latino boys and men.
Canceled movies, TV, culture:
  • The BBC has removed Little Britain from BBC iPlayer because of sketches involving the wearing of blackface. (Link)
  • BLM activists are demanding that Paw Patrol, the popular children’s cartoon on the Nick Jr. channel, should be canceled because it shows a positive view of police. This, in spite of the show muting its content on June 7th to show solidarity with BLM. (Link)
  • WarnerMedia has removed Gone With the Wind from its HBO Max streaming service because of its inappropriate depictions of some black characters. (Link)
  • Two long-running American reality shows about the police have literally been canceled – Cops on the Paramount Network and Live PD on A&E. (Link)
  • UKTV, which is owned by BBC Studios, has just deleted 'The Germans' from its streaming service, a Fawlty Towers episode in which a character called "the Major" is chastised for using the N-word. (Link)
  • Lego has suspended advertising building sets and products including police stations, city police vests and the White House in solidarity with the BLM movement. (Link)
  • Quaker Oats is retiring the 131-year-old Aunt Jemima brand, saying the company recognizes the character's origins are “based on a racial stereotype.” (Link)
  • Following the "retirement" of Aunt Jemima, Mars has announced that its Uncle Ben's brand will be "evolving". (Link)
  • The maker of Eskimo Pies, an ice lolly, is going to change its 99-year-old brand name because “we are committed to being a part of the solution on racial equality, and recognize the term is derogatory”. (Link)
  • The Rugby Football Union may ban fans singing 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' because it's "culturally appropriation" (Link)
  • Unilever is renaming Fair & Lovely, a skin-lightening cream that has been criticized for promoting negative stereotypes around dark skin tones. (Link)
  • Disney theme park ride Splash Mountain is being remodeled to remove all references to the 1946 movie Song of the South, which contains racist stereotypes and Old South tropes, according to critics. (Link)
  • The American Museum of Natural History in New York has announced that its equestrian statue of Theodore Roosevelt will be removed because it symbolizes a legacy of colonial expansion and racial discrimination. (Link)
  • The Simpsons is ending the use of white actors to voice black and ethnic minority characters. (Link)
  • White ‘Family Guy’ actor, Mike Henry, says he will no longer voice Cleveland Brown character. (Link)
And this is just the #BlackLivesMatter sect of the Woke religion. 

Let's not forget their "guilty until proven innocent" stance during the #MeToo movement, which resulted in the likes of physicist Lawrence Krauss losing his job over unsubstantiated claims. Or Michael Jackson being re-canceled after his death. Woody Allen having to deal with all sorts of professional hurdles (actors refusing to work with him, being dropped from Amazon, having the publisher of his memoir drop him, et cetera). Johnny Depp was dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise (replaced by a woman, as that's more PC) after accusations were hurled his way about him being an abusive husband (it was only later that we found out that the accuser was the actual abuser). It was trending that Kirk Douglas was a child rapist on the day of his death, due to silly rumors. Chris Hardwick was dropped from Nerdist when he was accused. Liam Neeson got in trouble for just recounting a "racist" thought he once had and regretted. And so on, and so on, and so on...

How can anyone continue to believe that this ruination (or attempted ruination) of people's lives, over trivial matters, is progress? Is it not apparent that there may be a different kind of mass psychological hysteria at play here? And how is this self-righteous cult of do-gooders overlooking the blatant cruelties that they're committing?

C'est la vie. That's religion for you.

Over and over again, the dominant belief-system of Wokeness continues to cast out perceived heretics, blasphemers, and it's own modern-day equivalent of witches and demons (i.e., accused-but-not-verified racists, misogynists, and sexual abusers). They fire, de-platform, vilify, bully, shame, and harass these people. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where you can clearly see the likes of Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Charles Murray, Ben Shapiro, and many others not even being able to give speeches without being shouted at by members of this religion. Threatened by them. Have airhorns blowing while they try to speak. Heck, comedians aren't even allowed to perform comedy anymore unless it's appropriately PC.

Whatever happened to the motto of, "I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll fight for your right to say it"? 

This fight they're waging is nominally against hate and inequality, but most of these people (and the many that I haven't mentioned) aren't even slightly representative of those labels. Several are actually liberals themselves who agree with gay marriage, who are pro-choice, pro-gun control, and accept the science behind manmade climate change. One, Dave Rubin, is even a gay man himself. And all of them have openly and directly spoken against racism and sexism. Yet these are our big enemies? These are the ones blowing dog whistles? 

If this represents the worst of humanity, then I'd say we're doing pretty well.

And is it possible that some of these targets I've mentioned (and the numerous I haven't) were worthy of being targetted? Probably, yeah. The problem is, however, that "justice" shouldn't be a crapshoot. And the "justice warriors" shouldn't be getting such pleasure from the punishing that they so frivolously dish out.