My face
I'm Nevets, i.e., The Gutter Monkey, aka, Steven, ipso facto, another random guy talking to himself in a digital void. This is my personal blog. It consists of several crummy articles that I've written for other websites and have proceeded to spam to high heaven on here. It's also the home of some of my autobiographical (more or less) homemade comics. I also post gameplay footage ("Let's Plays") on here, as well, along with videos on skepticism (i.e., in response to religion, conspiracy theories, cancel culture, and the Cult of Wokeness). These can also be found on my YouTube channel here.

Other than that, I dunno. I just wanted my own website. It's a cesspool of narcissism, honestly.

Twitter: @TheGutterMonkey
YouTube: YouTube.com/TheGutterMonkey
TVTime: TheGutterMonkey
Instagram: @theguttermonkey (I never actually use this, but who knows what the future may bring)
PSN: TheGutterMonkey-